Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eat. Laugh. Enjoy Life. Repeat.

ummm so here's the thing about being in the mood to write a post; i always have nothing to write about. gee-_-  so the final exam is finaaaallly over :D very thankful!
i'm going to be a twelve grader soon! :) i don't even know what to feel. i mean...should i be happy about it? :/
i was at school today. (ngechek nilai yang kayak oompa loompa...if you know what i mean.)
nothing bizarre happened, though. besides the fact that i passed pkn. hehe :) and failed sunda. ++ only got 70 for English.
the teacher doesn't even come into my class. duh. why should she? her english is poop anyway.
i just did a powerpoint on Penginderaan jauh && GIS. it was very stressful. and it turns out that we don't need to make 'em :( we just have to tell him that we made them. i'm failing geo :( i have no motivatioooon. arrrrrrr.
thinking about un gives me goosebumps! :( and the fact that i'm going to ruin every dream by not passing the national exam scares me so much i think i might kill myself a day before the national exam D:
i used to have this little notebook where i would write about "ideas on how to commit suicide" it was weird cause i've never been THAT desperate before.............and then i moved school. and lost my friggin notebook. now i am too lazy to start a new list so whatever.
i don't think that this highschool life will ever be enjoyable. am really hoping for a better one in College! :) pretty sure i will do pretty fine (at least better) there. with the subject i'm motivated into and stuff.
i mean high school in indo is horrible :( you have to learn loads of shit and remember it. then do a test on all of it together in the end of your high school year :\ umm who else feels suicidal??
AAAAAAA i just can't wait to graduate and forget Jakartaaaaa!!! or Indo or whatever :( hhhhhhhh i don't want to live here anymore it's racist it's polluted and it's keras, bro. JAKARTA KERAAASSSSSS. :( get me ouuutttttt of hereeeee.
and oh by the way.....
Here's to Senior Year.


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