Monday, October 28, 2013

Kampus, Ngampus, Mampus.

Woilah, Astaghfirullahaladzim, Subhanallah.
Uni. Uni. Uni.
do you know how hard it is to go through uni life )= still in my first semester, but i'm already dying. lol okay LEBAAAAYYY DAAAAAVVVV.
i have this two "awesome" lecturer. first, my western art history lecturer. he likes to question life. dia salah jurusan. seharusnya filsafat :( nyasar di dkv. #patah #hati
yesterday, he talked about the battle between theist vs. atheist and we were all like "wtf does this thing got to do with the fucking subject you lovely huggable prick." <- trying to sound nice.
weeks before that, this was what he said "kita berada di dalam dunia atau dunia berada di dalam fikiran kita? ya, pertanyaan itu takkan terjawab." uhhh okay. pretty confusing. but we love him? why? because he's less boring. he doesn't make me sleepy. AT ALL. he's awesomeeeee :D
my second awsum lecturer award goes to my drawing teacher. he taught us about this 1.618 thingy. AAANNNDDD he likes to give us mind-blowing facts. PLUSSSSS he likes to bring math into the subject HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASSHOLE:'( but we love him because he's SOOOO GOOD at drawing lines and shit it makes us drool. and he has a great teaching method. well, inti dari lesson dia kmrn sih hidup = 1.618, if you wanna know, google it.
so. i don't have a third award so yeah. here are some pics of me and moi lovelies in class.




(davin,davia. double dav!)

(walaupun salah fokus, tetep cakep yea.)




Friday, October 25, 2013

Pulang - Float

Dan lalu... 
Rasa itu tak mungkin lagi kini 
Tersimpan di hati 
Bawa aku pulang

Dan lalu... 
Air mata tak mungkin lagi kini 
Bicara tentang rasa 
Bawa aku pulang

Jelajahi waktu 
Ke tempat berteduh hati kala biru 

Dan lalu... 
Sekitarku tak mungkin lagi kini 
Meringankan lara 
Bawa aku pulang

Dan lalu... 
O, langkahku tak lagi jauh kini 
Memudar biruku 
Jangan lagi pulang 
Jangan lagi datang 
Jangan lagi pulang, rindu 
Pergi jauh! 

Dan lalu... 
Dan lalu...

"cause nothing feels like home, you're a thousand miles away..."

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Uni Life

lol curhat mulu lo dav tentang uni life lo.
Okay so. here's a little something about my uni life.
if i had to describe my uni life in one word; it would be. FUN. if i could add another word, it would be SUPER. which would make it SUPER FUN. ha ha ha. i'm currently in that stage where i am enjoying every second of my life. no matter how hard i have to do in college. no matter how stressing it gets when the assignments just won't stop.
i am loving it.
it's nothing really. it's just the people that i'm with that brings so much joy and less tears. none, to be exact. or not yet.
SOOOOO YESTERDAY. me and my buddies went to mall @ alam sutera to get something to eat. so as usual, we took pics. and vids.
it's always best eating with them.
here are some of the pics.

on my left (the skinny dude) is my duo. his name is davin. so we're both called dav. yay us!

after that, we all went to fun world. me ory and sheila played on a swing thingy but they didn't really enjoy the ride so i had to beg the other guys to accompany me on another one. i forgot what the ride was called. but it's a four people ride and it looked like a bike. we have to swing it until it spins to 360 degrees. YEP. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. i repeat. 360.
here's a little part of the 3 mins vid. (fyi, fiqar and davin are the ones on the left. i'm on the right one, with aldi :P) me and aldi were surprisingly good at it.

after the awesome ride, we all went to the doll thingy booth. we kinda had to do stuff to win the doll. pretty hard stuff.
ME. I, Thaniya Rizki Davia, won the first doll. And fiqar, the second one.
we only won two :( but it was super fun as well.

the one on the left is the one i won. the name's geje. and the one on the right is gaspol.

they're now officially our class mascot. yay!
here's a pic of all of us together with geje and gaspol.

oh and here's an extra pic of me being bullied :(

i know i suit the piggy look. but let's all pretend that i don't, ok.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH that's probably all, though. i am very, very looking forward on posting about a great day with all of them.
here's a big warm hug from me to all of you. love y'all.


Thursday, October 10, 2013


hi guys. now that i finally have the time to blog, i am going to post about my eighteenth birthday yesterdaay. woop! who knew that this birthday would turn out better than okay? this year's birthday turned out incredible! although i might have lost a couple of super important people along the way. everything turned out fine.
thank you, Andre Suhendra for being first on saying happy birthday. and then ricky, it was a very warming surprise that you remembered and waited until 00:00 to say happy birthday! ( i mean it) although Andre was first cause he kind of lined me at 23:55 lol sorry :))
Daniel Jee!!!! ({}) thank you for being the third. i know you woke up at 12 on purpose but ended up waking at 00:20. still, i am flattered that you remember daaayyysss before i even turn eighteen.
fourth surprisingly goes to kak Gregah, kak Yudha, kak Purnama. yep. they're all the same dude. stay awesome ya kak! :D
and the fifth goes to......Sheila. my uni buddy! thanks, girl!
before class i received some kind of voice note from my love, Tasya. I JUST LOVEEE HER VOICE OKAY. thank youuuu!!!
so whut happened dav? me and my uni friends went to get some pizza after class. he he he he he it was super fun. here's a picture.

there were more, of course.

the mas mas and mbak mbak were so nice they all wished me a happy birthday and gave me two chocolate cake or whatever as a bitrthday gift. thank you so much!! 

after the pizza. some decided to go to summarecon mall serpong because we love timezone + fiqar wanted to take his laptop he serviced a week ago.
so we did.

that's Aldi next to me. (you'll hear more about him soon). and thaaat's me weareing fiqar's hat. i took it off because people started staring.

after me, Ory, Fiqar, Aldy, Irfan, Dhika, Naufal, Davin got to the timezone, mom called. she told me to come home. asap. because we're going to go out and have dinner. MY birthday dinner. imagine how full i was, okay.
so i went back, of course. 
at home, i received a very nice surprise from pap. a jeans shirt i wanted from giordano. yay! makasih pa! i love you.
so we all went to Teraskota. bea was still on her way with kak tiffy.
REZA AND WILDAN. i was like,
i missed them sosososososososososososo much. and it was super nice to have them there. i love you both so much:")

they were bald ahahahaahaahahah *BEARHUG*

they brought gifts as well :'( made me want to cry when i opened them. 
bya and kak tiff brought something as well! HERE IT IS


after that, we all went to the cinema and saw you're next.
aaannnddd i received a line from aldi, saying that before the day changes, he wanted to surprise me.
so i asked him about the surprise. he was the one who seemed surprised because he thought that i already figured out what it was. and he told me to check my phone notes. so i did HAHA. and this is what i found.

it isn't much of a big deal but thank you. that note kept me smiling during the movie for a while!

and he said that "yay your first birthday with us and i have already surprised you!" :))) ahahahahahahah nice one okay.
i received a pink teddy bear and buzz lightyear from reza and wildan. reza told me that the name of the doll is babyboo (my nick for him) so whenever i miss him, i can just give that doll a hug. of course i went teary afterwards, and hugged the doll to sleep. i love them both so much :(
but it's sad that i didn't get to see my high school girls, junior high school buddies (dinda tisa tia angga andhika bimo fio) i miss them all so much as well.
but this year's birthday was quite unpredictable and i honestly expected less.
OHYA. i received a gift (late gift) from my lovely sister today.

fave gift after the last year's macbook pro. he he

i am so thankful to have all of you.
my special thanks goes to my sissy, bya. her boyf, kak tiff. ma, pa, big aunty, reza, idan, & 01PCU.