Thursday, January 31, 2013

"We are the makers of music, and the dreamers of dreams.."

Hi. so since i haven't posted shit for about...uhhhh months. i'd like to write about my friends! :) high school friends. since high school's almost over for me (hopefully.)
I'd like to dedicate this post to:
-Fani Handayani
-Lobregida Debby Kurniawan
-Cesillia Zefanya Manalu
-Sabrina Sunny F
-Vannisa Astari
-Muhammad Reza Pahlawan
-Rezky Pratama
-Andre Suhendra
-Wildan Fadjrie
-Johan Roy M
-Isro Firmansyah
-Andrew Lessil
-Muhammad Yusuf
All of the names above (well, mostly all) are there, when i need a hand to lift me up. when i need a shoulder to cry on. when i need a cheesy joke to laugh to. when i need a pillow to lay my head on...and of course, when i need a friend to tell my stories to. I am glad that i moved from science to social and met all of you. it's funny that I am rather sad than happy to actually leave high school. i mean, who could ever let go of all the things that happened in high school? all of the happy memories...even the bad ones! hahahahahahaha i guess it's true that high school never ends, huh? :p
I am starting to feel a little sad right now-_- hih. who gives a fuck about the national exam. it's you guys that i'm afraid to let go of. and with all me and my family moving to tangerang :( uhhhh we're all definitely going to part ;__;
okay let's just skip the 'me being galau' part and move on to the picturesss!!! here are some pictures of me and my friendssss okay ♥

i love you guys to infinity and beyond! :)
I hope we all have the time of our lives.

your happy classmate,
Thaniya Rizki Davia.