Sunday, January 12, 2014



you're the cutest.
i love you.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Teman, Makanan, & Kesenangan.

okay now that is one peculiar indonesian post title. but they're not peculiar at all. why? because if you combine friends&food together, you actually feel happy. at least i do.

teman (friends)
well. here's a surprise. me and fourties re-united a couple of weeks ago. we went to pim (we mostly stayed at the street gallery).
weeee went to union. this was only my second time there, this time, i wasn't as full as i were before. so i decided to order something nice. like......cake or something sweet like that. annddd something caught my eye from the menu. bailey's mud pie. i don't really know how to describe the food. but it's round. and it has ice cream in it. with oreos!!! MY FAV.
here's a pic of the baileys mud pie.

i recommend you. to order it. when at union.
(of course) we took pics. and a vid! we started doodling on the table's paper thingyyyy. and it looked cute in the end. hihi. although i didn't take pics of the table:'( i regret.

we also went to the photo booth. 

we have been friends since 2007. we were a little sad that the boys couldn't join us on a nice evening
we really wished you guys could.
 i love you guys.

Makanan (food)

well. the friends part had a little food part in it and this one has a little friend part in it as well.
that day, me my sissy, ory, and kak cau decided to go somewhere. so we went to grand indonesia.
but kak cau arrived a little late so she didn't join us at social house.
the food. at social house. 
of course the costed a little more than other foods.
but i have to say that the money you spend are totally worth it!
whyyy does social house has to be so far away? :(
well. here's an advice. don't order the corn soup. it tastes like shit.
but. MINE? andddd sadly i forgot what its called, is splended!
it's chicken breast with mushroom sauce and potatoes fried roundly.
here's a pic of what i ordered.

bea order pasta. prawn spaghetti or something. the spaghetti was green. the only bad thing about it was the portion. too little. although the food tasted wonderful! :")
for the dessert, bea ordered ore cake. the CAKE? THE CAKE HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE.

the cake tasted too good :"(

after our visit at the social house, kak cau arrived. we all went straight to kemang to try LIN Artisan Ice Cream everyone had been visiting lately.
well. i was curious about the one people keep posting. hte rainbow cake ice cream. turned out it was a christmas edition ice cream and it was the last day it's on the menu. phewww :P
i am a fan of sweet things. but i regret didn't order my ice cream with a waffle :( the ice cream tasted okay though. but not something i'd miss late at night like the foods from soho.

although the ice cream looks super cute as fuck.

after lin, we drove around kemang. starved. 
so we went to mcdonalds because we were afraid of trying new food.
after that, we went to lippo mall kemang and did a little shopping.

that's ory and me.

and that was it for that day. oh ya. here's my new favorite pudding place. it's located at Mall @ Alam Sutera, 2nd floor, close to shihlin.
the place is called pudding heaven. well it's not exactly a place. but you can sit there at they're booth or whatever you wish to call them. if you happen to visit the mall. do stop by!
here's my fav: chocolate pudding with oreo topping and chocolate milk as soup :) but NEVER, ask to make the oreo double :( i've tried. wasn't really impressed.

Kesenangan (fun)

well. i'm going to talk about my new year's eve. how was YOUR new year's eve?
mine was okay.
although i really stayed at home. but ricky came so i got that going for me. 
it's nice to have spent 4 new years with the same person :) although the first we didn't really do anything together we just sort of texted :P
here's a pic that sums up my new year.

more about fun. 
i have been playing remi for weeks now with my sissy and aunt. 
i have become addicted :(

that's probably all. sorry for the long boring post.

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