Monday, July 30, 2012

Once Upon A Dream

dav, what's up with the dreamy post title?
well, hehe i've been thinking about the future lately. and it makes me feel extremely untalented and shit. you know, when you see people and you think like wow. how can they have a talent so big, that when you're with them, you suddenly feel like a smurf. a blue one. brrrrr.
i have been very interested in fashion design in a couple of years :) yesterday. i finally had the courage to actually put all of that will into a paper and learn how to sketch.
here are the results.

sketch #1

sketch #2

sketch #3

sketch #4

i only made four. and none of them are that good. but it only took me about fifteen minutes to learn how to actually do a fashion sketch. i think people should at least give me credits for that :) after all, i'm still a newbie. hehehehehehehe
maybe that's all i wanted to share. maybe there are still more. but i'll finish this post here.


Sisterhood Of The Travelling Cheese Burger

hi so me and my big sissy had a little photoshoot of ourselves yesterdaaaaayyyy and yes we either took each other's photo or it's on self timer hehehehehe the results aren't that bad, though.
here are some of mine;

and here are some photos of me and my sissy! :)

hehehehehehe there are still a lot of more but ugh this laptop is sooo slow :( sorry for the short words-_- and long picssss hahahahahaha ok so i have to go and sketch some more. tons of love!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Pills ☮

hiiii it's been quite some time!
so i went to living world and saw this brand new store called sticky. i didn't bring my camera so i couldn't take pictures of the store :( well the store was gawwwwjusssssss.
anyways the store sell candies (only). ummm lollipop type of candies, to be exact. candy canes, lollis (certainly not anang hermansyah's daughter lolli.) and stuff hehehe. so i bought myself a treat! :) my long lost happy pills......ah :') me love sweets.

it literally hurts seeing them. hahahhahaha jk. i'm pretty okay with it.
hehehehehehehehe ok this is awkward. sorry that i haven't got the time to blog lately. i'm not even sure that people are reading my blog-_- nevermind.
Ramadan Kareem, everyone!!! have a great ramadan & eid ul-fitr ahead! much love, x.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Fucking Hipster.

HAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII omgomg long time no possst :P
so today mama went out with mama ning (my daddy's little sis, i call her ma because when i was a baby i drank her milk or something like that and she doesn't have a daughter. although two loving sons. hehehehehe)
meee and bee had to stay at home and i just got real bored and decided to be a fucking hipster for a daaay!
here's my hipster hand with a hipster background oooooh

yesssss. i did a little nail art which turned out as an epic hipster faiiiil. i wanted to create a tie-dye or however you write that shit but the only bright colors i had was blue (A DARK ON) andddddd shocking pink or red or whatever. can't really tell the difference :/
ah and here's the things you need to create a nail art like moi.

to those who are wondering why the fuck you need an iPod for. it's not the friggin iPod i'm talking about. it's the music. make sure you have them every day :)