more about davia ♥

hi, i know some of you are pretty darn curious about me so here goes nothing.
the creature you've already seen in the pic below is me. yep.

People are usually confused about this, my full name's Thaniya Rizki Davia, but people either call me nia, or, davia. for some; dabby.
I was born in Davao city, Philippines.
Lived in The Hague (Holland) for (more or less) 3 years. learned english mostly from hollywood movies :) i'm a die-hard arsenal footie club fan! i have no favorite food in particular, i like almost everything (almost. oh and veggies are excluded).
i like easy-listening songs. especially the ones with happy tunes and happy lyrics as well ehe.
currently studying visual communication design in Binus University Alam Sutera.
i have a sister, her name's Nabiya Rizki Meida (Bea for short). but i just call her bee.
i love having tea with papa and mama on a rainy evening! (even though i'm not a fan of wet weathers!) :) i prefer dry and sunny kind of day (but not too hot. just warm. the perfect kind of warm)
i like colorful things. they make me smile.

i like sunny clear skies :-) 
i can be a light sleeper sometimes but will always be a heavy dreamer. 
i love Allah SWT. but not the type that will say someone's illuminati or satanic or crap just because they're wearing something triangle-ish or posing triangle-ish. you know, they might just be hipster haha.
politics is not my area of expertise, i don't know what is.
i am cuhrazee about ovomaltine and fruity pebbles LIKE WHUUUTTTT NIKMAT TUHAN MANA LAGI YANG MAU LO DUSTA DUSTAIN HAH.
my clothes are mostly dark colored. or black, to be exact. 
i think black is such a happy color.

i like toy story.
a lot.
like, a lot, a lot.
i can't draw. ugh.
i prefer the term doodling when it comes to my drawings because the suck balls.

i eat my cereal at night because i'm one lazy fucker. ha.
a grammar-nazi at times.

one more thing,


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