Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our 2 Years Anniversary & My New Hair.

obvious blog title mode: on.
to be honest, today was awful. it was more okay but still. awful.
why? because i had to answer english questions (which were pretty okay...yea. the reading section!) the listening section was unbelievable. the school speaker wasn't such a good idea.
okay so yesterday was me and nom 2 years anniversary hihihihi can't believe its been twi years :O yeay us! do you know how short my hair is right now? :( told the mbak2 salon tu cut it until my shoulder but look what she's done ;___; i hate you mbak i hateee you i hope you turn bald tomorrow morning :( huhuhuhuhuhuhujk. here's a picture of the new haired me :(

WHY MBAK, WHYYYYY??? :''''''''''''( its seleher now do you want me to fucking break your leher?!?!?! haaaa?!?!?!?!?!?!? 
anyways. yesterday i got nom a red velvet cake hihihihihi. and we ate dinner togethaaaaaaa :D
i am happy. very happy :) i hope to stay like this forever. with nom. he he.
so yea maybe thats it for today. to anyone who plays viwawa. addddd meee and we can play big 2.5 in the same room! :) we can even private chat if you want ;) ohya btw my id is davia09!