Sunday, January 18, 2015

so um...hi?

it's been ages since my last post.
i'm sorry that the only time i have to write something is when i'm stuck while doing an assignment that's due tomorrow. i really have to stop procrastinating. :(

soooo, i can't believe it's 2015 already :O i remember looking forward and thinking "oh wow. 2015's still a loooong way to go" and now it's here.
it's just here.

if you guys are wondering about what i'm up to right now....
well right now, i'm in bed. listening to Ed Sheeran's Thinking out loud (me and nom's current otw song hehe) i'm in the middle of making an exact copy of Time Magazine.
my mom's next door, lying sick bcs she wouldn't eat on time and kept watching korean dramas till 6 a.m (i'm not even kidding...)

it's amazing that me and ricky's still on the same page. after all these years, we finally had to take it to the next level. it's been agesss since our last fight :) it's almost unbelievable how love wins at most situations. like, when i feel like shouting right onto his face, i just don't.
we've been through quite a lot. and, we're going to through a darn lot more, but i am now finally confident to say that "i think we're gonna do just fine this time" ;)

because i'm bored, and i need shit to post. i will post tips on how to move on. i know i'm not a love expert or something but i've been through shit i don't wanna go through again and i hope it might help. so ya okay.