Monday, February 11, 2013

Me Time...or Lonely Time?

HAAAAIIIIIII i'm at kenny rogers roasters plaza semanggi right now. ALONE. yessss ALONE.
its been ages since i last went to plaza semanggi. anddd i have never....i repeat, NEVER, went here alone. i've always came with ma so huhuhuhu :---( i'm feeling a little lost right now. i can't even find gramedia T___T HOW EMBARRASSING.
ate chicken (duh) with mac and cheese. feeling happy. it's good not having to share your chocolate muffin. but it gets lonely sitting here alonee:( everyone here are with someone. and me?-_- waaaay to go dav!
so i didn't come here alone on purpose. if i did, i wouldn't choose plaza semanggi okay.
my mom had this seminar or whatever you call it in english. and the building is behind plaza semanggi so yeah-_-. didn't want to bore myself by staying with her listening to people talk about things i don't give a shit about.
maybe that's all. i'm going to wander around this mall a little bit after this. i still need to find out where the gramedia is hehehehehehe! Have a nice lunch everyoooneeeee :D
here's me in krr :p

ah-_- sorry for the ugly pics. :p MALU COY SENDIRIAN, KESEPIAN, NARSIS PULAAAAA wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk