Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our 2 Years Anniversary & My New Hair.

obvious blog title mode: on.
to be honest, today was awful. it was more okay but still. awful.
why? because i had to answer english questions (which were pretty okay...yea. the reading section!) the listening section was unbelievable. the school speaker wasn't such a good idea.
okay so yesterday was me and nom 2 years anniversary hihihihi can't believe its been twi years :O yeay us! do you know how short my hair is right now? :( told the mbak2 salon tu cut it until my shoulder but look what she's done ;___; i hate you mbak i hateee you i hope you turn bald tomorrow morning :( huhuhuhuhuhuhujk. here's a picture of the new haired me :(

WHY MBAK, WHYYYYY??? :''''''''''''( its seleher now do you want me to fucking break your leher?!?!?! haaaa?!?!?!?!?!?!? 
anyways. yesterday i got nom a red velvet cake hihihihihi. and we ate dinner togethaaaaaaa :D
i am happy. very happy :) i hope to stay like this forever. with nom. he he.
so yea maybe thats it for today. to anyone who plays viwawa. addddd meee and we can play big 2.5 in the same room! :) we can even private chat if you want ;) ohya btw my id is davia09!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Save Gaza! ☮

i've been reading a couple of news and seeing a couple of pictures about Gaza lately.
well. not so happy about it. in fact i am angry, mad, pissed off, ballistic, furious, outraged and sad about it. do you know what Shimon Peres said? THIS.
"We don't escalate at all. What Israel is doing is self-defence. We don't have any purpose to conquer Gaza." well listen up, peres. murdering an eleven month old is not self defense. call it whatever the fuck you please but it is not defense. 
does he even know how sad it is seeing little kids losing their parents? or parents losing their kids? tell me ONE thing they did wrong to israelis and i'll delete this post immediately ok? tell me. do they deserve all this? DO THEY? :(
now i know that monsters are real. they're all actually human. :)
so much for world peace and humanity. does humanity even exist anymore? psh. humanity my ass.
i just wish israelis would start acting more human and let real monsters do their job. because it's not yours. :)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

North London is Red!

Arsenal just won from Tottenham! :) the score was 5-2. yeah!
here's a pic of the guy who scored the 3rd goal. my new hero. love you :D

Olivier Giroud. ♥

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Things..♥

Your hand fits in mine
Like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind
It was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

I know you've never loved
The crinkles by your eyes
When you smile
You've never loved
Your stomach or your thighs,
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It's you
Oh, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved
The sound of your voice on tape
You never want
To know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you're perfect to me

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you,
It's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you
You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to.
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh.

And I've just let these little things slip out of my mouth
'Cause it's you,
Oh, it's you,
It's you they add up to
And I'm in love with you
And all these little things

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you,
It's you they add up to
I'm in love with you
And all your little things

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


out of all the colours i could write as a blog title...why purple?
because purple is made out of blue and red. which describes how i am feeling right now. about dreams.
i don't get how a year pass by so fast. faster than a minute. did i lost count or something? because a minute can feel so long yet a year always feels a little too short.
the memories. the laughters. the tears. all of them. the good i did....and the bad.

i don't really depend on friends anymore. because one short year have taught me that they (always) come and go. i think i should believe in myself a little more. i should start realizing that i am no longer a kid and will grow older by days. so...

sometimes i wish i could just. care. less. i tried. sadly i always end up failing. and starting all over again.
why would i want to care less? because caring less mean less fights and less fights mean less tears. but all of the above does not make me love you any less, ky. not a even a little bit. it keeps on growing. i'm not sure my heart will be able to hold them anymore.

dreams. pft. dreams. reality destroyers.
i am not even sure they really come true anymore. maybe they do. but only for lucky people and i am not sure that i am one of them he he. i shall stick with reality then.

it's funny how desperate i sound right now. i forgot when it all started to be bearable. all of them. being sad being mad being wrong and all the shit i used to regret and don't anymore.
i think i'm happier like this. or at least should be.
maybe that's the end of my short, boring post today. i will write sooner. and sound happier.
thank you for reading. much love :)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

so...its been quite some time eh?
here i am. out of things to write. eating tempe goreng in front of a goddamn electric fan so that my hair would dry faster. my hairdryer's fucked. it turns on and off whenever it wants to. it usually turns off when i want to dry my hair so why waste my time and actually try to make that thing turn on when i can just sit nicely in front of an electric fan and blog. :)
ohya happy birthday to om rudi a.k.a ricky's dad a.k.a my future father in law! (yea right i wish ahahahah)
so you guys have missed a lot of fun things! i went to dufan two days ago! hihi it was fun :'D but a pain in the cheek because i banged my head right and left while riding halilintar hihi it wasnt scary at all though i laughed during the whole ride! last night my friends came over to watch Manchester United v Arsenal haha Arsenal lost. felt very sad until we started to play tepok nyamuk (cards).
i recently watched skyfall! it was awesome :--) i'd say its a nine out of ten but again that depends on your taste of movies he he. not to mention the cool soundtrack by adele! also a must download! :D very nice!
god i'm so out of things to write that its getting funny-_-.
i should get going. loljk i'm not going anywhere. i should get some breakfast! hihi


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another long sleepless night..

So hehe ricky's already asleep :( ohya i haven't said anything since my last post about our terrible break up. I actually convinced myself to call him (while crying like hell) and said sorry so yes we're back together now hihi i am so labil coy ;( but it was so hard to spend a day without talking to him.
not only ricky, all of my friends are probably asleep right now and i am here super galau about college :) ya so i am undeniably....

I got bored and downloaded line brush. a very cool app! a total must have! :) hehe
from line brush i created these babies :( huhu

bukan karena gak yakin sama jurusan itu. bukan. bahkan kalo diibaratin kompas. jarum gue bakalan nunjuk kearah situ terus. karena passion beserta hati gue ada disana. oke lebay.
tapi.......mungkin bakal lebih baik gue ambil komunikasi atau bisnis kan? design banyak pesaing berat :') dan kemampuan gue sangat-sangat pas pasan dan gak cukup buat bersaing disana. ok. makin lebay. makin galau.
sebenernya reza juga ngomong sih. dan dia sangat mendukung gue di desing. thank you, za. lo sahabat yang sangat sangat emangdeh. hm.
cuma........................bimbang bgt :( 
HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU hrs bobo kayaknya deh.
Thank you for nampungin curhatan gue yang gak mutu ini-_-


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

apa bun?
aku sayang kamu
aku juga sayang banget sama kamu

Forget Jakarta

Hahahahahahahaahahahahahha-_- ok blogging here probably should be the last thing i do because the shit inside this blog only makes me want to cry!
:--) i just recently broke up. yes. with him. the guy i used to write about. and probably won't write about anymore. all of that "me and you against the world" means nothing anymore now.
have you guys ever been there before? where you want to still be with that someone and wants to keep the other one as a close friend and end up losing both? yea well that sucks and i'm going to make sure that doesn't happen again.
I wanted to post about my birthday but....he he i'd rather not. :)
SOOOOOOOOOOOO hehehehehehehehe i'm single now :-) not really happy about it but yea whatever hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehe it's pathetic how i keep typing "hehehehehehehehe" / "ahahahahahahahah" just to fucking cheer myself up because even my iPod makes me want to cry :'( huhu. bad iPod. baaaaad bad iPod!
i still don't have the guts to open my documents>pictures>mine.
i still don't have the guts to end this nicely.
i don't have the guts to longer open my fme. :''''''((
i don't even have the guts to do anything anymore.
i'm still on my midterm btw-_- thank God Math and Economy passed already even though i shit myself during the exam ahahahahahahahaha no. not good dav. don't laugh about this one.
ok. pernah gak kebangun jam 5 subuh gara-gara ketiduran pas nangis, belum puas jd bangun, baru melek, langsung cerrrrr....
eh mama masuk "kok adek udah bangun sih jam segini?" "hehehehehe" trs dia nyamperin lo. meluk. bercanda. dan lo cuma bales meluk, ketawa, tapi mata lo berair air.
rasanya baru aja kemaren kita sepakat buat sebulan sekali makan seafood berdua. dan ternyata emang baru dua hari yang lalu. jleb.
pernah gak ngerasa "cowok ini cowok terakhir yang gue sayang" dan rasanya yakin banget, sampe sampe lo putus dan masih yakin? :)
pernah gak lo ngerasa jodoh terakhir lo itu dia? jadi ya abis putus gak akan dapet jodoh lagi.
ok. lebay. tapi, gue ngerasain semua itu. sekaligus. sekarang.
mungkin karena dia cowok pertama yang bikin gue bener-bener sayang. atau mungkin, gue udah terlalu terbiasa ada dia selama dua tahun kurang ini jadi rasanya dia udah jadi bagian dari hidup gue. keseharian gue. dan gak mungkin gue ngelewatin hari gue tanpa dia. gue ulangin lagi dengan font bold.  gamungkin. gue ulang lg deh dengan italic. gamungkin. sekarang gue underline. gamungkin. ya pokoknya intinya tuh gamungkin deh. susah. ato bahkan ya....GAMUNGKIN.
kadang gue bingung sama hati + otak yang sama sekali gak temenan gini. harus gue jodohin emg. biar gak begini amat lovelife gue.
gue emang putus. tapi gue belum kesampean ngasih kaos woody-nya ke ricky. bakal masih gue kasih walaupun lewat perantara.
gue belum kesampean bantu dia beli bass. dan iya. gue bakal tetep nabung, nyisihin setengah uang jajan gue tiap hari buat bass dia :) kalo ditolak nantinya....well. itu urusan nanti.
yg paling bikin gue sedih adalah....
kalo ngambek gaada yang nyuruh gue dengerin lagunya ne-yo yang mad. gak ada bro.
kalo gue kangen gak ada yang dateng dan bersukarela jadi samsak, guling, boneka dan sebagainya.
kalo gue nangis gak ada yang nenangin. kyk skrg, ha ha. sip.
kalo gue ngerasa jelek gak ada yang ngomong gue cantik.
kalo gue ngerasa makin gendut, gak ada lagi yang bilang "aku suka kamu gendut. aku sayang sama kamu."
tuh. kata sayang tuh. gak ada lg kan dav yg ngmng beribu ribu kali sehari cuma buat ngingetin ke lo :)
gue td mlm jg deactivate twitter dan facebook. kyk org tolol. gue gatau mau gmn. mau mati masih byk dosa. mau berhenti makan ntar kurus.
mau nangis....udah. ampe capek gue.
jadi gini selama ini nyaranin orang move on tapi stuck sama satu orang dan kemungkinan besar bakal selamanya stuck?
udah tau gue calon gagal move on, gue tetep batu nih gak mau balikan kalo diajak. KALO diajak, goblok-_-
mau nulis novel. cliché abis bro kesannya. ntar isinya curhat curhat ga penting lg. maludeh.
ya pokoknya kalo lo ketemu gue di tengah jalan, liat gue ketawa-ketawa. jangan sapa gue trs nanya "weits udah move on lu?" antara gue meraung raung meluk kaki lo sambil nangis-nangis.....ato.....gue ketawa makin keras. beli eskrim dracola. makan sendiri di pojokan.
gaklah. gue pasti jawab udah. jaim dikit. abis itu plg ke rumah mukulin dada nangis-nangis di deket jendela balkon. krik.
sekarang iPod yang gue shuffle pun mainin lagu Back In God's Hands dari Nelly Furtado. yang reff-nya begini;
"we forgot about love, we forgot about faith, we forgot about trust, we forgot about us.
now our love's floating out the window. our love's floating out the back door. our love's floating up to the sky, and heaven, where it began...back in god's hands."
ok. galau dav. galau abis.
"we gave a lot, but it wasn't enough...we got so tired, that we just gave up."
ok. stop dav.
gue pusing. gue hancur. gue gatau harus pake kata-kata apalagi buat ngejelasin perasaan gue yang ribet ini. :):):)
oh well. semua salah gue sih. tapi semua juga udah lewat, udah terlanjur.
jadi, davianya mau siap-siap buat kesekolah jam 11 nanti ya ;)
thank you guys so much. i don't use twitter anymore so i probably would write here a little more often (:
oh ya just incase all of you are asking about the posts i wrote about him. && about his face on a buzz lightyear body. i am removing none :) because i'd like to keep them as a happy memory rather than a sad one. because no matter how sad i am right now, i used to be the happiest me when we were together.
i will never ever ever ever forget you although it would be nice if i could just forget this heartache :)
hey:) thank you for reading ya. i love you ({}). have a great life.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mid term & Try Outs are comingggg :( which means i might not blog as much as i used to.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Vid!

sorry for looking like shit! he he i'll be posting some more next time :) mwa

Friday, October 5, 2012

Loving Gimp!

HE HE SO RECENTLY I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT A PICTURE INSIDE A TEXT! Yay to Gimp! I almost gave up on you :') akakakakakakakaka so here are some of the texts i made hihihihhii

so...............what do you guys think? :$ hihihihihihihihihihihihi i am so happy right now. at first it was so hard :( but now that i finally memorise how to make it. its very simple. although i cannot write a tutorial here because i did not look for it in words hehehehehehehe :D but you guys can google how to do it! :) hihihihi good luck!


Rainy Days

why does it have to rain all day in october :( ugh. why can't october be a sunny and happy month?!
now that me ma and pa are no longer having tea while the sky's wetting the ground. i no longer find it pleasing! i hate wet days. i haaaate not having to do shit outside.
hihihihihihihihihi btw its almost my birthday :( not so excited about it. i...don't know. its just hilarious when people throw super big parties to celebrate their 17th birthday and says "it only happens once" well. doesn't that apply to each birthday? your 1st birthday only happens once as well. and the money! God! how much did you guys spenddddd-_- just to treat those who are capable of buying their own food! there are people who lives IN the street. hungry! not having anything to eat for tomorrow.
well i guess some people are just waaay to rich to give a fuck eh?

i have nothing more interesting to say. i should probably get going.
i hope the sun shines and its a beautiful day tomorrow...:) ☀
heheheheeheheheehehe enjoy the rest of your day! have some tea and feel good! ♥


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, boring thursday..

Dear unknown readers out there,
i had a super boring day today. and i am willing to share this boredom with those who are willing to accept it. and even though i'm pretty sure that nobody wants to feel bored, i am sharing it anyway. via this blog post. he he.
nothing fun even happened at school today. my ex-best guy friend is acting like a little bitch and i hate him for that. it's funny how pathetic he is right now. i don't even feel like sitting in front of him anymore. but i can't move seat because the only person i'd like to sit with is empang :( and i know for sure that mpang
so two of my girls broke up today. hm. 
took a two hour nap and woke up feeling like superman so decided to open blogspot right away! woop :D missing all these blogging energy hihihihihihihi
mid-term is coming. my only wish right now would be "not hitting my head on the table while looking at the question sheets".
oh ya i also ate nasi padang twice today. the first one i ate with ma, the second one with bee. hwaaa :| i feel like a pregnant horse right now :( so fat.
i have a bonus for all of you hihihihihihihi i just created my list of recommended songs of the month! to cheer your october up! :) here's the list; (p.s. not all of them are new. i just put my fave songs there hihi)

In My Life is an "all time" song if you get what i mean..:) i guarantee (although not to everyone. just those with good taste of music) that the song will never, ever ever bore you. hihi :)
that's it for todaaaaay! :) thank you for being the best site to share shit.
i could not imagine what i'll be doing right now without you, bloggy! #muchlove.


Sunday, September 30, 2012


Cheers to the best month! October! God Bless all the people born in October hihihihihi mwa

Hehehehehehehehe so happy its going to be october soon. I'm not happy about the fact that I'm turning seventeen in october. its just that every october has always been special. and i hope this october, i get to spend most of my days with ricky :) hihi
Its funny how i get angry so easily. but its even funnier that THATS what makes me know that I cannot love anyone else but him. Cause i dont give a fuck when people dont text me. when people dont have time for me and shit. its just that ricky....he's special.
We might fight a lot but believe me its all worth it nom :') ohya im so in loooove with this pic of me and nomnom i just took todaaaaay!

HWAAAA >_< aren't we just made for each other?!?!
I AM SO OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE. But whatever Ricky will Always always be my favorite topic and you guys would just have to deal with that because he's just so funny and cute and charming :''''''') I guarantee you will LOVE HIM. i mean who doesn't. i do. a lot. more than anyone could ever love him. probably more than that lucky girl who's going to take my place one day he he :")
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH FUCK NO. me and ricky are going to stick together. 
until death do us part.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Long Time No Post!

Got an early birthday present from daddy hihihihihihihihi waaait for it....badummm tssss. a macbook pro! i am like the happiest girl right now ehehehehehehe :D thank you so much paaaaaa me love you. although i'm still bimbang & galau about what to call my macbook. i want the name to be Harrison because my fam's iPad's name is Paul McCartney and my iPod name's Ringo Starr + ricky's ninja's name is John Lennon. so i think it would be cool to call my mac Harrison as in George Harrison hihi but i also want to name it Houdini because....i dont know actually. i just think its cool. ahahahahahah :$
so i brought 2h (Harrison/Houdini) to school today and danced Gangnam style with a couple of my girlsssss hihihihihihihihihi i would love to share the vid but i'll probably do that next time okay?
sooooo hm. i really dont know what else to write :( huhuhuhuhu UN's getting closer and i dont even feel like studying anymore because the subjects are getting even weirder and weirder. at least to me ok.
:") i've been so galau because i had to give up on "germany". :"(
ANDDDDDDDDDD my other college options would be UI, LSPR / Prasmul. although my first option sounds too dreamy ehe. i am pretty sure that i'm going to fail hohohohohohoho. not to sound too pessimist but i just know that i'm not that smart nor lucky so yea whatever hehe.
hmmmmmm so i'm thinking about discussing about the tawuran thats lately so "happening" in jkt ehe. i don't want people outside indo to think i'm rude so i'll blog about this in bahasa ;)

Jadi, approximately kemarin malam sekitar jam 7/8, gue ngedapet bm yg isinya kurang lebih tentang "Tawuran itu terjadi karena terlalu banyak aturan dari pihak sekolah." di bm itu dijelasin soal "tidak adanya jaminan setelah lulus kita bakal langsung dapat kerja. kasih jaminanlah!" && "biarkan sekolah jadi tempat yang asyik. tidak usah terlalu pedulikan soal rambut gondrong".
pertama. menurut pendapat gue, yang sekarang masih menduduki kelas 12 jadi ya masih pelajar tulenlah. Kok bisa ya orang buat bm gitu? i mean lucu gak sih lo baca "terlalu banyak aturan" halo. kita tinggal di kota bro. belajar biar jd orang sukses. belajar disiplin. kita bukan di hutan. lo mau jadi apa kalo gak ada aturan? yang ada malah ancur kali. hmmmm kalo emang udah capek diatur silahkan pindah aja ke hutan biar gedenya main sama monyet macan kebo dan semacamnya deh! bukan salah sekolah. jangan salahin sekolah karena belum berhasil mendidik kita! guru-guru bukannya tidak pernah memberi contoh. cuma sifat sifat labil anak sma yang bikin mereka terlalu keras kepala buat ngedengerin omongan guru-guru mereka sendiri.
terus soal jaminan kerja. ampun deh. lo kira dapet kerja segampang garuk ketek?
emang semua berkualitas? ngikutin aturan aja pada males! gimana pas kerja entar. kita semua cuma bisa komentar tentang jakarta yang ancur ga disiplin dan blabla. salah siapa? salah kita yang jadi isinya.
emang dengan dikasih rambut gondrong itu bakal memperkurang kemungkinan adanya tawuran antar sekolah? HALO. tolong dong ngotak dikit. dari sisi mananya itu nyambung?
tawuran itu terjadi karena kita terlalu ngandelin emosi. bukan otak. padahal kita sekolah buat mengasah otak tuh bukan hati.
kalau gue sih, gak akan bilang kematian orang yang "ikut" serta dalam tawuran itu ngenes. dan sampe capek-capek cari pelakunya. toh itu udah konsekuensi si korban yang ikut. tapi kalo dia ga ikut beda lg ya!
i mean, kalo mau tawuran aja lagi. biar mati satu-satu. toh jakarta sudah sangatlah sempit. gak kuat nampung terlalu banyak lagi orang sampah yang gak ngotak. kalo emang mau jakarta bersih, yang harus dibuang bukan sampah di jalanannya. tapi sampah masyarakatnya. bitches please.

oke. davia pun mulai emosi. bwahahahahahahaha! =))
hmmmmm i'm going to finish my post for today hihihihihihihihihihihihi.... thank you so much for reading. i guess i'll write to you guys pretty soon then!x

davia. hihi

Saturday, September 15, 2012

D's back!

Oooohhh my its so great to be blogging again hehe jsyk, i'm blogging via iPad right now because my modem hasn't been on for months :( and its not even mine so hehe i hope i get my own laptop soon! :)
Hmmmmmm today i went home with nomnom and ate ice cream at top buah segar hehehe we're happy. I don't even know why i'm telling you this i am so out of stories and shit :/ haaaaaaaaaa.........
Its been busy lately with all the twelve grader stuff. You know like boring myself to death-_- with all the crap i have no idea what for.
Hmmmmmm my classmates are still very amazing as always hehe so i'm going to share some pics of me and themmmmm!
I honestly don't know whats with us but its like all of the national exam hasnt been in our heads. All we think about is uno and having fun hehe which is good and very bad at the same time. Enouh for today's post then. Oia. Follow my instagram! trdavia ;) thaaaaank youuuuu

Monday, July 30, 2012

Once Upon A Dream

dav, what's up with the dreamy post title?
well, hehe i've been thinking about the future lately. and it makes me feel extremely untalented and shit. you know, when you see people and you think like wow. how can they have a talent so big, that when you're with them, you suddenly feel like a smurf. a blue one. brrrrr.
i have been very interested in fashion design in a couple of years :) yesterday. i finally had the courage to actually put all of that will into a paper and learn how to sketch.
here are the results.

sketch #1

sketch #2

sketch #3

sketch #4

i only made four. and none of them are that good. but it only took me about fifteen minutes to learn how to actually do a fashion sketch. i think people should at least give me credits for that :) after all, i'm still a newbie. hehehehehehehe
maybe that's all i wanted to share. maybe there are still more. but i'll finish this post here.


Sisterhood Of The Travelling Cheese Burger

hi so me and my big sissy had a little photoshoot of ourselves yesterdaaaaayyyy and yes we either took each other's photo or it's on self timer hehehehehe the results aren't that bad, though.
here are some of mine;

and here are some photos of me and my sissy! :)

hehehehehehe there are still a lot of more but ugh this laptop is sooo slow :( sorry for the short words-_- and long picssss hahahahahaha ok so i have to go and sketch some more. tons of love!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Pills ☮

hiiii it's been quite some time!
so i went to living world and saw this brand new store called sticky. i didn't bring my camera so i couldn't take pictures of the store :( well the store was gawwwwjusssssss.
anyways the store sell candies (only). ummm lollipop type of candies, to be exact. candy canes, lollis (certainly not anang hermansyah's daughter lolli.) and stuff hehehe. so i bought myself a treat! :) my long lost happy pills......ah :') me love sweets.

it literally hurts seeing them. hahahhahaha jk. i'm pretty okay with it.
hehehehehehehehe ok this is awkward. sorry that i haven't got the time to blog lately. i'm not even sure that people are reading my blog-_- nevermind.
Ramadan Kareem, everyone!!! have a great ramadan & eid ul-fitr ahead! much love, x.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Fucking Hipster.

HAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII omgomg long time no possst :P
so today mama went out with mama ning (my daddy's little sis, i call her ma because when i was a baby i drank her milk or something like that and she doesn't have a daughter. although two loving sons. hehehehehe)
meee and bee had to stay at home and i just got real bored and decided to be a fucking hipster for a daaay!
here's my hipster hand with a hipster background oooooh

yesssss. i did a little nail art which turned out as an epic hipster faiiiil. i wanted to create a tie-dye or however you write that shit but the only bright colors i had was blue (A DARK ON) andddddd shocking pink or red or whatever. can't really tell the difference :/
ah and here's the things you need to create a nail art like moi.

to those who are wondering why the fuck you need an iPod for. it's not the friggin iPod i'm talking about. it's the music. make sure you have them every day :)


Friday, June 29, 2012

Ricky, before bath. after bed. 
so um i asked nomnom for a pic of him in the morning, right after he woke up. and he sent me these. i seriously have the gay-est boyfriend. ever. hahahahahaha :*


Thursday, June 28, 2012

ayeeee people my galaxy tote bag has finally arrived omgomgomg hehe!
thank youuu @PIPthefreak a.k.a Meidy :D

just sayin ;)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me, You, & Food. ♥

okay so today i went to depok (sissy's uni) with nomnom hehe. we were actually planning to go in her class you know just to know how it feels like to be there. butttttttt i feltttt young. hehe i don't know why. and i'm not saying that my sister's friends are old-_- but you know....i felt a little too immature to go in her class and stuff hehe. soooo we went to eat (with bee too) i ate soto ayam and nomnom ate soto babat or whatever you call it-_-.
after that, bea went to class with her friends so me and nomnom borrowed her car and went to margo city insteaddddd :)
there, we took some photos in the photobooth hihi.

when we went in the photobooth there was this two kids saying "aaah pasti mereka alay ya haha!" *sadar suaranya kebesaran* *mulai bisik-bisik* "mereka yang masuk berdua kan?"
and i'm all like wtf bitch you're the one wearing that super short pants. showing off you're super black legs-_- wearing a fake angry bird t-shirt.......................and i'm the one alay? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH oops.
yesyes so skip the super rude kiddos part. after the mas mas printed our photos and put them into a cd. we went to eat. AGAIN. yessssss. WE LOVE FOOD. hehe imagine me, spending the rest of my life with nomnom. man. i'm seriously going to die of obesity :--) fuck you nom. fuck you.
soooooo we ordered four ha kau hehe, ate them all together and built a tower-_- people kept looking at us while passing by. 
ummmmmmm so after the food part (and the food part is not done. yet.) me and nomnom wandered around the mall looking for a present for my pretty teh endaaah hehehehehehehehehehe.
so we got bored and left-_-. visited pocin or kober or whatever and bought food. AGAIN :) yesyesyes. agaaaaiiiiiin >_<
then mama called hoho. so we went straight to lawson to pick bea up and bought slurpee thingy hehe i don't know what they call it in lawson. andddd french friessss. yesyesyessss FOOD :)
hehehehehehehehehehe thank you for being succcch a nice friend to go out with nom. love you lots :*


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chiko, Our Retro Chicken!

here's a pic of chiko i just took. made him look super retro. haha he suits the retro afro disco look :)

i don't know why i love him :\ i mean, i don't even like chicken. unless it's baked...or fried...or you
but chiko is just super adorableeee >_< hehhehehehe.
just don't die, ok? ♥


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Super Colorful Messy Desk

maybe none of you knowww that i'm actually still a wee bit scared to sleep alone. hehe i forced my sister, bee, to share her bedroom with me. muahahahahahahha she just couldn't say no ;)
i don't take that much of space in her room cause i only needed a desk and a small bed hoho i have all i need in my pink room. so here's a picture of my sooper dooper messy bed and desk hehe! :)

{hohohohoho bed!}

{this 'stuffs' corner is to keep track on what i have ordered or what i'm going to order. hehe i have budgets too, you know :$}

{i hung my medium sized dreamcatcher above my desk because...just because hehe.}

{here's a closer look to the dream catcher hoho}

yes, my desk is messy, my bed is messy, my face is messy, my hair is messy. but at least all of that doesn't make me a mess! :D i'm good. hehe :)