Saturday, November 16, 2013


here's a quote to start the day off.

"never ever EVER, leave someone you love for the one you like. no matter what johnny depp said. don't listen to him. because if you do, the one you like will eventually leave you for the one they love."

when you left, things started to lose color a little. when you came back, the color were already gone. didn't really came back. but the kind of monochrome you give is a happy, peaceful, warm, kind of monochrome. and i don't mind living in black and white. as long as i'm living that life with you.

let's not make the same mistakes.
learn from them.
move on.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

no title needed.

"aku jelek yah bun?"
"nggak jelek"
"iya, kenapa?"
"aku takut kurang buat kamu"
"kamu cukup buat aku"
"tapi aku nggak mau cuma dapet C, aku mau dapet A"

i should probably stop quoting and get some sleep. i love you.