Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's The Littlest Things In Life That Matters, Really.

Hi. i'm so happy that i'm now able to blog anytime i want. hihihihihi :)
today, i am going to talk about some things, that you might think lame. like...going out with your family. i know, that some of you has a date.
and you love him/her very much. but here's a cute tip, bring him/her with you. yes. BRING THAT PERSON WITH YOU.
i have always enjoyed being with my family + nom because from that i can see us as a family. and it makes me want to smile. lol ok stop with the nom he's no longer here :'o
yesterday, i went to the puncak. with ma, pa, bya and kak tiffy. :( i was a lone though. i should've brought someone. huhuhu. but i have no one to bring.
but it was still a happy day! :D yay me for surviving the days alooooneee♥
i have some pics coming (of course. hihihihi) bought an Arsenal tee. a super cute one with some of the player's faces on it. hehehehe :p
at first, we went there to find out whether there's a sunflower garden or not. but TADAA, no. ma convinced all of us that there IS a sunflower garden but noooo :( it kind of broke my heart. so we went to bumi aki to have lunch instead :))
it was a nice meal. HAHA, of course. bumi aki has the best satay. at least for me.
here's a pic of me at bumi aki. before lunch~

after that we left to take a pic on a...i don't know how you call it really. but the view was alright. kind of nice. and chilly. hihihihihi here's a pict of me and what i wore. you can't really see it but you'll get the idea.

we didn't take long. so we headed straight to a tea garden. and there was horses. so ma and pa decided that it would be a good idea for me, bya and kak tiffy to ride on em. HEHEHEHEHEHE ZUPER. here's a video of me on the horse :( mine's called ashilla.

it was supposed to be a half hour trip but i just couldn't stand seating on that horse :( my butt hurts like crap. so we ended the horse trip. and took pictures at the tea garden instead. yay us.

after that we went straight home.
well. not straight home, because we stopped by pasar modern bsd to have sate padang. YUM.
oh ya, have i told you guys this before, me and my family are thinking about buying a golden retriever puppy. you know, just to guard the house. because my house is in the middle of no where and it might get a little creepy at night hihihihihihi. maybe next time i'll post about a tour around the house! :)
see ya soon people.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yay Uni!

HHAAAIIIII yesyesyesyes. i am now an official visual communication design student. how ahwsum is dattt?!?!?! woot!!!! choo choo motherfuckerrrrr!!! ciat ciat ciat okay now stop.
are you guys exciteddddd on what i'm going to write here? :0 no? okay :( you mean piece of shit. jk. keep reading....
i am going to show off.
show. the. fuck. off.
"emang apa yang bisa lo pamerin hah? jing!"
waaaaiiiiittt for iiiitttt.... *drum rolls*
the number one rule on reading this post is NO JUDGING. okay? if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all :-( unless it's a good critic. not like "ew you're bad you picked the wrong major" or stuff :( okay so here we go.

i've always wanted one of those kool vw kombis. in tosca :( 
snow white is my least favorite disney princess. so i decided to draw her. i don't know why i'm saying this but like i told you before, no judging.
and yep that's a leg. it's only a leg so no need to judge on that one either.

yes, that's nyan. say hi. haaaiii. guys, i drew all of the pictures myself ok? when i first posted that nyan pict some people literally asked me whether i was lying that i drew nyan or not. or did i only do the coloring. NOOOOOO ASDGHJDKSAIUWHJNKDNJKS why would i lieee about stuff like that :(

yes, that's gaga. and i know her nose is all weird and shit but if lord voldemort crosses your mind, please be kind enough and leave him out of this. it's sad enough that he's bald, noseless and evil. no need to make things worse by comparing him to my attempt on drawing gaga. merci.

her hair's supposed to be all galactic and stuff but it didn't really turn out as expected so yeah whatevs.

dear happiness, come to mama. come come. come here. come come. *apazeh

:-( <- her.

i didn't mean to make her look confused. but she did. so i added the question marks around her. why? to make it look fun, i guess-_- HAHA

and thaaat's probably all.
if you guys are interested with my drawings and actually wants to keep track on what i drawwww, you guys can follow my instagram. it's trdavia. and if you ever want me to follow you back, i will. i follow back. as long as you leave a comment on ANY photo, okay? you can be like "haaaaiiii i read your blog. so follow back." orrrr just "hai. followback. you're awesome" lol no forget the awesome :$ 
here's me with my new ahwsum bangs..

hehehehehehehehehehehe oooh my god look at the time :O it's 10:43! i really got to go.


Friday, August 16, 2013

My Comfy Space

Hi so i honestly don't know what to post right now so i am going to show all of you my new room! yay! yay! had fun decorating it. i have always wanted a room designed by myself hihihihihi thank you ma for making it happen!

here's my comfy escape.

(click to enlarge hihi)

and here's a close up pict of where i keep myself busy and do shit.

ANDDDD here's something new. i am addicted. to wine. cocktails and whatsoever. i am in lafffff. too in laffff :0 HIHIHIHIHI just sayin'.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I can't believe i'm saying this but....I AM BLOGGING FROM MY PHONE AGAAAAIIIINNNN!
Why dav? Why are you happy about it?
Um good question.
Lol no. I'm happy because my phone's finally back! It's been at the service place for over a month and all i had was my blackberry. Which was no fun at all. Except the fact that o could chat with yodi. He's nice! He makes everything laughable hihi
So hihihi i am so glad that you're home my oh dear sweet lovely phone. I know you kinda suck sometimes. Hehe just kiddin'. It's not hard to be in love with iPhone 5, that's why a lot people do (ceritanya ngutip dari website-nya apple. Intinya gitulah)
I've been quite busy lately. So it's hard for me to actually find the time to sit nicely and blog. Not to mention i still don't have wifi at home. I keep forgetting to remind mom to take care of it. I need wifi:( like asap! So it's like ba'da subuh and i haven't slept. I really need to get some sleep. Today's the last day of fasting btw. So just in case i won't be able to post in time, eid mubarak everyone! Ciao!