Friday, June 29, 2012

Ricky, before bath. after bed. 
so um i asked nomnom for a pic of him in the morning, right after he woke up. and he sent me these. i seriously have the gay-est boyfriend. ever. hahahahahaha :*


Thursday, June 28, 2012

ayeeee people my galaxy tote bag has finally arrived omgomgomg hehe!
thank youuu @PIPthefreak a.k.a Meidy :D

just sayin ;)


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me, You, & Food. ♥

okay so today i went to depok (sissy's uni) with nomnom hehe. we were actually planning to go in her class you know just to know how it feels like to be there. butttttttt i feltttt young. hehe i don't know why. and i'm not saying that my sister's friends are old-_- but you know....i felt a little too immature to go in her class and stuff hehe. soooo we went to eat (with bee too) i ate soto ayam and nomnom ate soto babat or whatever you call it-_-.
after that, bea went to class with her friends so me and nomnom borrowed her car and went to margo city insteaddddd :)
there, we took some photos in the photobooth hihi.

when we went in the photobooth there was this two kids saying "aaah pasti mereka alay ya haha!" *sadar suaranya kebesaran* *mulai bisik-bisik* "mereka yang masuk berdua kan?"
and i'm all like wtf bitch you're the one wearing that super short pants. showing off you're super black legs-_- wearing a fake angry bird t-shirt.......................and i'm the one alay? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH oops.
yesyes so skip the super rude kiddos part. after the mas mas printed our photos and put them into a cd. we went to eat. AGAIN. yessssss. WE LOVE FOOD. hehe imagine me, spending the rest of my life with nomnom. man. i'm seriously going to die of obesity :--) fuck you nom. fuck you.
soooooo we ordered four ha kau hehe, ate them all together and built a tower-_- people kept looking at us while passing by. 
ummmmmmm so after the food part (and the food part is not done. yet.) me and nomnom wandered around the mall looking for a present for my pretty teh endaaah hehehehehehehehehehe.
so we got bored and left-_-. visited pocin or kober or whatever and bought food. AGAIN :) yesyesyes. agaaaaiiiiiin >_<
then mama called hoho. so we went straight to lawson to pick bea up and bought slurpee thingy hehe i don't know what they call it in lawson. andddd french friessss. yesyesyessss FOOD :)
hehehehehehehehehehe thank you for being succcch a nice friend to go out with nom. love you lots :*


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chiko, Our Retro Chicken!

here's a pic of chiko i just took. made him look super retro. haha he suits the retro afro disco look :)

i don't know why i love him :\ i mean, i don't even like chicken. unless it's baked...or fried...or you
but chiko is just super adorableeee >_< hehhehehehe.
just don't die, ok? ♥


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Super Colorful Messy Desk

maybe none of you knowww that i'm actually still a wee bit scared to sleep alone. hehe i forced my sister, bee, to share her bedroom with me. muahahahahahahha she just couldn't say no ;)
i don't take that much of space in her room cause i only needed a desk and a small bed hoho i have all i need in my pink room. so here's a picture of my sooper dooper messy bed and desk hehe! :)

{hohohohoho bed!}

{this 'stuffs' corner is to keep track on what i have ordered or what i'm going to order. hehe i have budgets too, you know :$}

{i hung my medium sized dreamcatcher above my desk because...just because hehe.}

{here's a closer look to the dream catcher hoho}

yes, my desk is messy, my bed is messy, my face is messy, my hair is messy. but at least all of that doesn't make me a mess! :D i'm good. hehe :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Double Date! :)

so today me and bee went on a double date with of course, nomnom & kak tiffy! :) hehe.
we picked living world, a mall in bsd because kak tiffy's house's near there and living world is a very nice place to go on a date nyiahahaha it has all the places we need like restaurants, cafes, cake shops, normal shops and stuff. so first, me and nomnom bought a ticket to see madagascar 3. bee & kak tiffy didn't come with us because they have watched it already which was kind of unfair!
after we got the tickets, the four of us went to solaria to have lunch.
first; me & bee ordered fish & chips, nomnom ordered nasi + udang goreng tepung, kak tiffy ordered nasi goreng udang. butttttt they were out of fish and chips and also shrimps!!! haha so i changed my order into nasi + cumi goreng rica-rica (because the waitress actually said that they still have squids-_-) kak tiffy ordered nasi goreng sosis, nomnom ordered nasi + ikan goreng mentega and bee changed hers into chicken cordon bleu. so the waitress went to the kichen just to make sure and suddenly.....badummmm tssss.......they were out of squid as well!!! D: grawwwwrrrrrrr. so i HAD TO change my meal AGAIN. i picked nasi + fillet ikan goreng asam manis. it was okay :\ but we almost left because we though that they would actually run out of rice by the time we order crap. HA HA-_-.
okay lets just skip the eating part because we all know i ate a lot. :')
afterrr we finished filling our empty tummies we seperated wayssss ;) me and nomnom went to toys kingdom and then straight to the cinema, oya i have this really cute picture of nomnom and a panda doll.

madagascar 3 was hilarioussssss >_< enjoyed the whole part of the movie! mwehehehehe :D especially when sonya (the circus bear wearing a pink tootoo hihi) stole a ducati because her tiny bicycle got broken.
after the movie's done, i bought a sour cream flavored french fries and nomnom bought crepes :D even though we were no longer hungry because we already had lunch. 
yeaaaa not long after that we went out for a little ride and end up going back to living world again just because we forgot to take pictures on the rooftop! nyiahahahahaha :$ we didn't take that much pics because we didn't actually bring our dslr camera-_- we only brought choco buzz and a pocket camera but it was enough hihi. here are some of the pics we took;

the view was really fascinating although not so much-_- i mean.....not a lot of malls have them :) it was cool.

from instax;

after taking pics. me, nomnom & bee all went home.
on the gave me a call. to tell me that she has rainbow cake at home for moi! :) yayness! super loooove ma :*
and then not long after her first call.........she gave me another call. this time, she called just to ask who got eliminated from indonesian idol last night-_- gee mom. how very important!
here's the rainbow cake mama bought for meeeee *much love*

here's a bonus pic of my badass mom! hehehehe :$ 

sorry for the boring post, guys!!!

Davia! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Letter To God

Dear God,
please let tomorrow rain money. i am out of it.
God, please throw me a double cheese burger from McDonald's. i've been craving it for ages now. but please, don't throw them to my feet. they stink pretty bad right now.
God, i'm still a student and not a brilliant one either. i have no money to buy food to give to the poor. so please get these fat out of my body, fry them and send them to the ones needing them more.
God, i still have this big question mark in life. there's this question that not even my economics teacher can answer. what's over the rainbow?
God, would you please be kind enough and visit me in my dream tonight...and tell me that unicorns actually exist? i need to know the truth. and if they do, please change chiko into one of your unicorns. chiko is really noisy. especially at dawn :(
God, is there any special weed for my grades? i am pretty sure it's legal for grades to get high.
God, please don't make me fail bahasa indonesia :( i can't take nenek gayung any longer. i'm afraid that if i might have to, i'd actually throw a real gayung right onto her face. which would be a terrible thing to do.
God, i have to go now. please let Holland win tonight's match against Germany. I love you God.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Bandung! :)

me, mom, dad && sissy went to bandung on a saturday evening and came back on sunday afternoon :)
it was quite a trip. because it was actually our first time driving there ourselves woot but we didn't get lost. a huge thanks to andre, tukang ojek, tukang warung && tukang nangka!
we slept at the navy's mess there right in front of rumah mode (but sadly did not stop by). it was near parta porte (the native american shop i told you before). 
okay so i shall skip our unexciting saturday there because we just sat there watching indonesian idol haha :)
the nexxxttt day i went to parta porte. and bought a bigger dream catcher + a dream catcher necklace :D yayness! after that we went right to kartika sari and ate mie kocok weehee. it was fine....although not the type of food i'd eat on a normal day. 

so mom and sister was the ones who went to kartika sari. i just stayed in the car....and then badumm tsss sissy went back with two boxes of rainbow cake & red velvet! the cake was fine, although i prefer the ones in dapur cokelat. but i ate them all anyway. haha.

after filling our big round tummies. we went to jl. riau to actually go shopping and bought nothing theree :( huhu it was so crowded and the stores weren't at the same roads. 
so i told mommy i wanted to go and visit paris van java instead. i thought going to jl. riau was just a big waste of time. huhu although rsrch was on saleee :( but the mbak mbak took so long just to bring me the right size. lost my mood and left the store instead .-.
paris van java was even more crowded!!! it was so hard to find a parking spot and the stupid vallet was full.
after we finally got our parking spot we went in and did a wee bit of shopping :$ mango was on saaaaaleeee i need to go back to pvj aaa D: why is it that i'm stuck here in jkt :( the good stuff here are barely on sale huh. how disappointing (?) hehe. and plus there was this booth that sells stuff for polaroid aaaa :( it's just sad that we don't have them in jakarta......or we do but i just don't know where hehe.
my feet felt like it was going to copot from my butt and then run away for eternity :\
so we went homeeeee! yayayayayay.

here are my sunday finds! 

{the dream catcher i told you hihi}

{the new dream catcherrrr :D}

{aztec printed shirt; mango}

{oklahoma shirt; unknown}

{brown leather bag; days&co.}

hehehehehe told ya i only did a wee bit shopping :) hahahaahaha am very happy though with what i boughhttttt. oh ja, i am soooo in love with brown stuff :( huhu i don't know why but i think brown fits in to any color!!! hehehe.
that's all for today sorry for the boring post :* mwa!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kilos :(

I wish i could just snap my fingers and lose kilos :( i'm so heavy and wide and round and hwaaaa :( help me help me is there any fast (but of course safe) way to lose kilossss? D:


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Had & Sappy

to all the awesome readers out there.
how's life treating you these days?
mine's going good. could be better...but i'm okay. so um i did not fail geography and i passed economy! :O :D i know. shocking, right? but i failed indo :\ i guess i deserve it. i never really attend her class anyway.
soooooooooooo me and my family are planning to go to bandung on sunday! :) but we're not really going to stay there cause you know i still have school && crap. but i told dad i wanted to visit that native american shop i visit last time :) because i didn't bring enough money to buy the headband i want and more dream-catchers and the cute bags they're sellinggg!!! haha he actually said yess! woot!
oh ya so here's something i wanted to share to all of you :)
my name's thaniya rizki davia. people used to call me nia but nowadays they call me davia.
i was born in Philippine. my dad had to go there because of his job. he's a navy, btw. well, i was never considered a rich kid in school :) but you know, just not a poor one either.
i spent my 3rd, 4th & 5th grade in Holland :) ISH (International School of The Hague) Alhamdulillah, because of my dad's job i have traveled to about fifteen or sixteen countries :) when i came back, my dad got stroke. until now, he hasn't fully recovered. but i'm still thankful that he's not jobless.
well here's the "real" thing i wanted to show you.
you, cannot judge someone by how they show up to be. you cannot tell whether someone's happy or not. you cannot say that you have it worse. because sometimes, you don't.
i am definitely not glad to see my dad sick. because he can barely walk now and it kills me to see him so desperate of this tiring life he's in. but i am glad, that he can put all of that aside and look at me, my mom, my sister. he's staying strong for all of us. he knows that we cannot live this world without him. he knows that he's still needed. to give us shelter. to joke around. to criticize how to drive. to drink tea every single afternoon. and to bring laughter between the whole family. 
well, he can be pretty darn annoying sometimes. but it's human to be selfish.
i'm not saying that i have it worse than all of you because i don't really think so. it's not how you react on a situation it's how you get back up again!
i believe that happiness and sadness comes in one package. so whenever you're happy, prepare yourself. if you're sad, don't worry too much! :) 
the world might be a horrible place to live in, but not all the good things are visible to the eyes.
a lot of people cannot appreciate what they have. but don't realize that a lot of people has it sooo much worse. you're happy a lot, you  don't appreciate. you're sad once, you act like God is being mean to you only. do you even realize how fucked up THAT is?

"never forget to be happy."


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

See the thing about the quote above is that...
What do you when your happiness depends on someone else? Someone who you can't seem to go a day without. Someone who never left your mind. Someone who you can't hate. No matter how hard you try. Someone you just can't walk away from. No matter how far your feet has taken you.

I'm now in this long process of leaving and letting go. I'm not gonna lie, this, might be the hardest thing I've tried so far. You, sir. Are like gravity. Every time I'm ready to leave. You keep pulling me back.
I can't go a day without knowing what you've been up to. I can't sleep without the thought of you're going to be the first person I receive a bbm from. I-JUST-CAN'T.
Well...I guess it's true. That sometimes, it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love. It's the pain. It's the awful feeling you get when you know you made him sad.
It's the guilt you get when you can't be there whenever he needs you. It's the smile you make without even noticing because he suddenly crossed your mind. It's the laugh you fake just to make him sure you're fine with what he's doing. It's the little heart-attack you get when you hear that he's hurt. It's the comfort you feel when you're by his side. Wherever you both are. 
It's all of that mixed and crumbled together.
It's one, big, true feeling you can't easily explain.
Maybe, just maybe, we're meant to be. Or maybe, this is just God's way of showing how it is to love someone so bad that it hurts you to see them down. It's the guy you think he's better off without you. Just... you know, happier.
here's another quote. from Rihanna's MV, We Found Love.

It’s like you’re screaming and no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important, that without them you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. And when it’s over and it’s gone, you almost wish you could have all the bad stuff back, so you can have the good.

nom, if you're reading this, i hope you're okay.


Eat. Laugh. Enjoy Life. Repeat.

ummm so here's the thing about being in the mood to write a post; i always have nothing to write about. gee-_-  so the final exam is finaaaallly over :D very thankful!
i'm going to be a twelve grader soon! :) i don't even know what to feel. i mean...should i be happy about it? :/
i was at school today. (ngechek nilai yang kayak oompa loompa...if you know what i mean.)
nothing bizarre happened, though. besides the fact that i passed pkn. hehe :) and failed sunda. ++ only got 70 for English.
the teacher doesn't even come into my class. duh. why should she? her english is poop anyway.
i just did a powerpoint on Penginderaan jauh && GIS. it was very stressful. and it turns out that we don't need to make 'em :( we just have to tell him that we made them. i'm failing geo :( i have no motivatioooon. arrrrrrr.
thinking about un gives me goosebumps! :( and the fact that i'm going to ruin every dream by not passing the national exam scares me so much i think i might kill myself a day before the national exam D:
i used to have this little notebook where i would write about "ideas on how to commit suicide" it was weird cause i've never been THAT desperate before.............and then i moved school. and lost my friggin notebook. now i am too lazy to start a new list so whatever.
i don't think that this highschool life will ever be enjoyable. am really hoping for a better one in College! :) pretty sure i will do pretty fine (at least better) there. with the subject i'm motivated into and stuff.
i mean high school in indo is horrible :( you have to learn loads of shit and remember it. then do a test on all of it together in the end of your high school year :\ umm who else feels suicidal??
AAAAAAA i just can't wait to graduate and forget Jakartaaaaa!!! or Indo or whatever :( hhhhhhhh i don't want to live here anymore it's racist it's polluted and it's keras, bro. JAKARTA KERAAASSSSSS. :( get me ouuutttttt of hereeeee.
and oh by the way.....
Here's to Senior Year.