Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Letter To God

Dear God,
please let tomorrow rain money. i am out of it.
God, please throw me a double cheese burger from McDonald's. i've been craving it for ages now. but please, don't throw them to my feet. they stink pretty bad right now.
God, i'm still a student and not a brilliant one either. i have no money to buy food to give to the poor. so please get these fat out of my body, fry them and send them to the ones needing them more.
God, i still have this big question mark in life. there's this question that not even my economics teacher can answer. what's over the rainbow?
God, would you please be kind enough and visit me in my dream tonight...and tell me that unicorns actually exist? i need to know the truth. and if they do, please change chiko into one of your unicorns. chiko is really noisy. especially at dawn :(
God, is there any special weed for my grades? i am pretty sure it's legal for grades to get high.
God, please don't make me fail bahasa indonesia :( i can't take nenek gayung any longer. i'm afraid that if i might have to, i'd actually throw a real gayung right onto her face. which would be a terrible thing to do.
God, i have to go now. please let Holland win tonight's match against Germany. I love you God.


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