Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Had & Sappy

to all the awesome readers out there.
how's life treating you these days?
mine's going good. could be better...but i'm okay. so um i did not fail geography and i passed economy! :O :D i know. shocking, right? but i failed indo :\ i guess i deserve it. i never really attend her class anyway.
soooooooooooo me and my family are planning to go to bandung on sunday! :) but we're not really going to stay there cause you know i still have school && crap. but i told dad i wanted to visit that native american shop i visit last time :) because i didn't bring enough money to buy the headband i want and more dream-catchers and the cute bags they're sellinggg!!! haha he actually said yess! woot!
oh ya so here's something i wanted to share to all of you :)
my name's thaniya rizki davia. people used to call me nia but nowadays they call me davia.
i was born in Philippine. my dad had to go there because of his job. he's a navy, btw. well, i was never considered a rich kid in school :) but you know, just not a poor one either.
i spent my 3rd, 4th & 5th grade in Holland :) ISH (International School of The Hague) Alhamdulillah, because of my dad's job i have traveled to about fifteen or sixteen countries :) when i came back, my dad got stroke. until now, he hasn't fully recovered. but i'm still thankful that he's not jobless.
well here's the "real" thing i wanted to show you.
you, cannot judge someone by how they show up to be. you cannot tell whether someone's happy or not. you cannot say that you have it worse. because sometimes, you don't.
i am definitely not glad to see my dad sick. because he can barely walk now and it kills me to see him so desperate of this tiring life he's in. but i am glad, that he can put all of that aside and look at me, my mom, my sister. he's staying strong for all of us. he knows that we cannot live this world without him. he knows that he's still needed. to give us shelter. to joke around. to criticize how to drive. to drink tea every single afternoon. and to bring laughter between the whole family. 
well, he can be pretty darn annoying sometimes. but it's human to be selfish.
i'm not saying that i have it worse than all of you because i don't really think so. it's not how you react on a situation it's how you get back up again!
i believe that happiness and sadness comes in one package. so whenever you're happy, prepare yourself. if you're sad, don't worry too much! :) 
the world might be a horrible place to live in, but not all the good things are visible to the eyes.
a lot of people cannot appreciate what they have. but don't realize that a lot of people has it sooo much worse. you're happy a lot, you  don't appreciate. you're sad once, you act like God is being mean to you only. do you even realize how fucked up THAT is?

"never forget to be happy."


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