Sunday, June 17, 2012

Double Date! :)

so today me and bee went on a double date with of course, nomnom & kak tiffy! :) hehe.
we picked living world, a mall in bsd because kak tiffy's house's near there and living world is a very nice place to go on a date nyiahahaha it has all the places we need like restaurants, cafes, cake shops, normal shops and stuff. so first, me and nomnom bought a ticket to see madagascar 3. bee & kak tiffy didn't come with us because they have watched it already which was kind of unfair!
after we got the tickets, the four of us went to solaria to have lunch.
first; me & bee ordered fish & chips, nomnom ordered nasi + udang goreng tepung, kak tiffy ordered nasi goreng udang. butttttt they were out of fish and chips and also shrimps!!! haha so i changed my order into nasi + cumi goreng rica-rica (because the waitress actually said that they still have squids-_-) kak tiffy ordered nasi goreng sosis, nomnom ordered nasi + ikan goreng mentega and bee changed hers into chicken cordon bleu. so the waitress went to the kichen just to make sure and suddenly.....badummmm tssss.......they were out of squid as well!!! D: grawwwwrrrrrrr. so i HAD TO change my meal AGAIN. i picked nasi + fillet ikan goreng asam manis. it was okay :\ but we almost left because we though that they would actually run out of rice by the time we order crap. HA HA-_-.
okay lets just skip the eating part because we all know i ate a lot. :')
afterrr we finished filling our empty tummies we seperated wayssss ;) me and nomnom went to toys kingdom and then straight to the cinema, oya i have this really cute picture of nomnom and a panda doll.

madagascar 3 was hilarioussssss >_< enjoyed the whole part of the movie! mwehehehehe :D especially when sonya (the circus bear wearing a pink tootoo hihi) stole a ducati because her tiny bicycle got broken.
after the movie's done, i bought a sour cream flavored french fries and nomnom bought crepes :D even though we were no longer hungry because we already had lunch. 
yeaaaa not long after that we went out for a little ride and end up going back to living world again just because we forgot to take pictures on the rooftop! nyiahahahahaha :$ we didn't take that much pics because we didn't actually bring our dslr camera-_- we only brought choco buzz and a pocket camera but it was enough hihi. here are some of the pics we took;

the view was really fascinating although not so much-_- i mean.....not a lot of malls have them :) it was cool.

from instax;

after taking pics. me, nomnom & bee all went home.
on the gave me a call. to tell me that she has rainbow cake at home for moi! :) yayness! super loooove ma :*
and then not long after her first call.........she gave me another call. this time, she called just to ask who got eliminated from indonesian idol last night-_- gee mom. how very important!
here's the rainbow cake mama bought for meeeee *much love*

here's a bonus pic of my badass mom! hehehehe :$ 

sorry for the boring post, guys!!!

Davia! :)

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