Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Super Colorful Messy Desk

maybe none of you knowww that i'm actually still a wee bit scared to sleep alone. hehe hehe....so i forced my sister, bee, to share her bedroom with me. muahahahahahahha she just couldn't say no ;)
i don't take that much of space in her room cause i only needed a desk and a small bed hoho i have all i need in my pink room. so here's a picture of my sooper dooper messy bed and desk hehe! :)

{hohohohoho bed!}

{this 'stuffs' corner is to keep track on what i have ordered or what i'm going to order. hehe i have budgets too, you know :$}

{i hung my medium sized dreamcatcher above my desk because...just because hehe.}

{here's a closer look to the dream catcher hoho}

yes, my desk is messy, my bed is messy, my face is messy, my hair is messy. but at least all of that doesn't make me a mess! :D i'm good. hehe :)


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