Monday, June 11, 2012

Bandung! :)

me, mom, dad && sissy went to bandung on a saturday evening and came back on sunday afternoon :)
it was quite a trip. because it was actually our first time driving there ourselves woot but we didn't get lost. a huge thanks to andre, tukang ojek, tukang warung && tukang nangka!
we slept at the navy's mess there right in front of rumah mode (but sadly did not stop by). it was near parta porte (the native american shop i told you before). 
okay so i shall skip our unexciting saturday there because we just sat there watching indonesian idol haha :)
the nexxxttt day i went to parta porte. and bought a bigger dream catcher + a dream catcher necklace :D yayness! after that we went right to kartika sari and ate mie kocok weehee. it was fine....although not the type of food i'd eat on a normal day. 

so mom and sister was the ones who went to kartika sari. i just stayed in the car....and then badumm tsss sissy went back with two boxes of rainbow cake & red velvet! the cake was fine, although i prefer the ones in dapur cokelat. but i ate them all anyway. haha.

after filling our big round tummies. we went to jl. riau to actually go shopping and bought nothing theree :( huhu it was so crowded and the stores weren't at the same roads. 
so i told mommy i wanted to go and visit paris van java instead. i thought going to jl. riau was just a big waste of time. huhu although rsrch was on saleee :( but the mbak mbak took so long just to bring me the right size. lost my mood and left the store instead .-.
paris van java was even more crowded!!! it was so hard to find a parking spot and the stupid vallet was full.
after we finally got our parking spot we went in and did a wee bit of shopping :$ mango was on saaaaaleeee i need to go back to pvj aaa D: why is it that i'm stuck here in jkt :( the good stuff here are barely on sale huh. how disappointing (?) hehe. and plus there was this booth that sells stuff for polaroid aaaa :( it's just sad that we don't have them in jakarta......or we do but i just don't know where hehe.
my feet felt like it was going to copot from my butt and then run away for eternity :\
so we went homeeeee! yayayayayay.

here are my sunday finds! 

{the dream catcher i told you hihi}

{the new dream catcherrrr :D}

{aztec printed shirt; mango}

{oklahoma shirt; unknown}

{brown leather bag; days&co.}

hehehehehe told ya i only did a wee bit shopping :) hahahaahaha am very happy though with what i boughhttttt. oh ja, i am soooo in love with brown stuff :( huhu i don't know why but i think brown fits in to any color!!! hehehe.
that's all for today sorry for the boring post :* mwa!


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  1. Good Evening! May I know where you got the dream catcher? Thank you :)