Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me, You, & Food. ♥

okay so today i went to depok (sissy's uni) with nomnom hehe. we were actually planning to go in her class you know just to know how it feels like to be there. butttttttt i feltttt young. hehe i don't know why. and i'm not saying that my sister's friends are old-_- but you know....i felt a little too immature to go in her class and stuff hehe. soooo we went to eat (with bee too) i ate soto ayam and nomnom ate soto babat or whatever you call it-_-.
after that, bea went to class with her friends so me and nomnom borrowed her car and went to margo city insteaddddd :)
there, we took some photos in the photobooth hihi.

when we went in the photobooth there was this two kids saying "aaah pasti mereka alay ya haha!" *sadar suaranya kebesaran* *mulai bisik-bisik* "mereka yang masuk berdua kan?"
and i'm all like wtf bitch you're the one wearing that super short pants. showing off you're super black legs-_- wearing a fake angry bird t-shirt.......................and i'm the one alay? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH oops.
yesyes so skip the super rude kiddos part. after the mas mas printed our photos and put them into a cd. we went to eat. AGAIN. yessssss. WE LOVE FOOD. hehe imagine me, spending the rest of my life with nomnom. man. i'm seriously going to die of obesity :--) fuck you nom. fuck you.
soooooo we ordered four ha kau hehe, ate them all together and built a tower-_- people kept looking at us while passing by. 
ummmmmmm so after the food part (and the food part is not done. yet.) me and nomnom wandered around the mall looking for a present for my pretty teh endaaah hehehehehehehehehehe.
so we got bored and left-_-. visited pocin or kober or whatever and bought food. AGAIN :) yesyesyes. agaaaaiiiiiin >_<
then mama called hoho. so we went straight to lawson to pick bea up and bought slurpee thingy hehe i don't know what they call it in lawson. andddd french friessss. yesyesyessss FOOD :)
hehehehehehehehehehe thank you for being succcch a nice friend to go out with nom. love you lots :*


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