Saturday, July 23, 2011

you, me and a cup ot tea.

hey there....felt bored and just wanted to wirte a post about me and my bear :D
so, his name's ricky......nyaaawww he's so cute :3 screw those who mocked him. i don't care cause he's mine and not yours to care about. haha k.
i mean why do i love him? like, dude, i don't even know why. but it's probably because he understands.....and takes me for who i am ;)
i have never had someone so special. who brings me milk to school and borrowed me his jacket just because i felt cold. he's different. and yep. different's good. different's perfect for me.

not only he's kind, but he's also funny. and when i say a dude is funny, believe me. the dude's funny.
but i am not the type of girl who admits that someone's funny. i am also not the type of girl who says how i really feel. i don't text people first, because i am afraid that i might bother them. i hate losing. especially in fights. i speak fluent sarcazm (still working on admiting that one, btw.) i worry too much about the little things. i don't give a fuck about those who don't matter to me. i forget people's name quickly and i don't finish my meal. i like giving people new nicknames that might sound a bit weird
i laugh at unfunny jokes, i put my bangs out when i wear a veil, i have a different type of favorite music. i prefer drinking milk than eating. i can finish 10 cupcakes. no matter how full my stomach is. i hate disappointing people, but somehow i always end up disappointing everyone i love. i act like a kid sometimes, i am very picky. i am mean to those who has no respect in people. i regret things and i am afraid of blood. i get jealous for the same thing over and over again and i hate myself for that. i feel very insecure sometimes cause i have a problem with self-esteem, and there's nothing anyone can do to change the fact that the one person i hate the most in this World is myself.
i guess it's a miracle that he's actually in love with me right now. and know what's even funnier? i love him too. like......a lot. he makes me poetic and super cheesy sometimes and it's super disgusting hahahahahahahahahahahasdfghjkl
maybe that's all. oh yeah, hey ricky, if you're reading this. i know you're smiliiiinnggg~ :*
here's another pic of me and him (:
davia {}

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