Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little piece of my mind

hi so um guys i've been thinking about loads of shit lately (especially at night) and it's starting to bug me a lot. hahahahaha i have questions that people cannot answer. actually, some of them can. but i just don't feel that they're giving the right ones. it's funny cause i don't even know the answer myself.
well here's the first one.
#1 why do all good things come to an end?
i mean doesn't God love us? i hope He does :\
#2 how on earth am i suppose to deal with the changes?
how? i mean i don't want things to change. is it wrong for not wanting things to actually change? even for good? hhhhhhhh well it think it's human to want things.
#3 what do you do when things fall apart?
do you.......cry? or do you just stand there? aaaaaasdgaiwubedkaiudskjzxc my mind is such a mood killer.
#4 how do i sleep earlier at night?
i know you guys think this one is not important but believe me it is. i've been sleeping at 3:35 am lately. more or less, though.
#5 how do you stop yourself from overthinking?
i have to admit. i do it all the time. i mean, who doesn't overthink? even the ones who has all the answers overthink. right?
#6 why does it feel so wrong to be in love?
well.......i hope it's not. hahaha.
ya so i guess that's all then. fyi i'm not expecting any answers but if you feel like you know the answer, you are more welcome to leave a comment, you know, just to make me feel better. even just a wee bit.
oh and here's one nice pic i found on ;)

kbye!!!!! :*

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