Monday, August 15, 2011

my mr. sunshine

dear......i bet you know who.
i love that you know me. i love your facial expressions. i love the way you say my name. i love the way you want to tell me things. i love your smile. i love your face....even if you don't. i love your laugh. i love that we have the same sense of humour. i love our daily conversations. i love the friendly flirting. i love that you care, even though it's not the kind of care that i want. i love that you are never awkward around me. i love how you smell and how it lingers on my clothes. i love your hugs and how they're warm and safe. i love the way you act like a kid sometimes. i love that i'm your favorite. i love that our hands fit together perfectly. i love that you're concerned about me. i love way you look at me. i love that you make me do that cliche sigh. i love how you make me burst into fits of laughter after everything you say, because you really are that funny to me. i love how you trust me. i love how we're friends and best lovers as well. i love that i can trust you. i love that you're close by. i love it when you get jealous. i love your voice. i love how you handle me. i love that i was able to know you. i love you.

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