Thursday, July 31, 2014

Perginya percaya dan kembalinya beri.

ok that's one absurd post title.
ever heard of this quote? "lie once and all your truths become questionable"???
yep. wen't through that a lot and this time, it finally hit me. so. the good news is, my boyfriend lied more than once, that his truth now becomes questionable.
when others, only get once chance. aren't i such a darling? :)

sooooooo. today i went out with nom. we actually wanted to go to MTA but we got stuck in the basement. yep. THE BASEMENT. looking for a parking spot. so we decided to go to CP instead. took us almost 30 mins to get out :( ergh. it was terrible! just like pim on satnights.
we ate superrrrrr much. at red bean today. too much, that when we were on our way back, nom had to stop by a toilet by the highway:p
we weren't really on our way back, though. we had to pick beri up. yep. beri.
Maya's cat, Quinn, didn't like him so much, so she decided to give him back.
waited til 8:40 at poins square :P and THEN, we drove back home. that's it! here's som pics!

makasih traktiran makannya hari ini, nom! yeeha.

although today ended with soooo much disappointment, i was happy.
thank you! :)


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