Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Post

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum (:
a lot happened during the weeks,
i've been wanting to go to this super cute place located riiight in front of summarecon mall serpong. it's called The Container. well, the place is on the second level of the building and it has container sticking out of it (with tables inside them yay)
sooooo, i finally went there with bya and her friends (kak cau and kak ainun, plus, uthie, kak cau's lil sissy). the place was nice and comfy (but do visit on the afternoon because i cannot imagine being inside the container with super big windows without curtains on a sunny daaay)
so the serve steaks and pastas and sandwiches. the food costed okay, had big portions, aaaand, tasted nice! yep! i have definitely considered re-visiting with bya.
here's some pics i took of the place:

my grades are finally out! i was sort of surprised bcs my so-called ipk ACTUALLY increased from 3.3 to 3.4! yipeeeee! now that i finally feel okay i can go on a holiday without feeling bad about my grades!
me and my girls are going to singapore next month. i'm super excited, it's my first time going abroad without my ma pa and sis :p but me and bya are saving to go to Korea hehe yep just the two of us! how exciting and thrilling at the same time, right??

so how was your Eid Al-Fitr?
mine was nice, although Eid Al-Fitr this year didn't feel as special as the ones before. idk why.

oh and i also have this wonderful newsss! goofydaisy finally reached

YEP. 2527 followers to be exact! hihihihi and not to mention a lot of people ordering already :( i still have 13 to finish and send after 01 august. HWAAAA so tired and happy at the same timmme!!

that's probably the end of the post.

i've been going crazy about this song, budapest by George Ezra. you guys should and listen as well.


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