Wednesday, July 30, 2014


hi, so we're giving away beri. yes. our cat. to my friend, maya. 
i'm so heart broken right now.
although it's weird that i cannot cry.
it's a good thing that i know Beri will be in Good hands :( it still tears me up, though.
:( :( :( seeing his cute little face and paws.
it makes me want to cry. but i just can't.

i'm sorry beri, that i once sort of hit you :( because you were naughty. what do you know? you're just a cat.
i'm sorry that we locked you in a cage for two whole days bcs you stink like a dead rat :( we should've showered you instead, as soon as we can.
but you know we love you.
we hugged you
played with you
carried you out and played
you know we're going to remember you as the friendliest cat we've ever had. and i hope Maya loves you waaaaaaaaay more. way way way more.

beri jangan bandel ya dirumah baru.
davia sayang beri.


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