Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Hectic Week

hi. so my week was hectic.
how was yours?

i changed my background bcs i got bored of the fruity pebbles one.
i voted for the very first time yesterday (i was old enough to vote before this election but i guess no one caught my attention so yeah, i just sort of stayed in bed)

but something else happened yesterday. israel attacked gaza. so here's something.

my timeline's full of people tweeting or posting things with #PrayForGaza
but here's the thing,
hashtags won't help.
like, at all.

now here's something that will definitely CHANGE, something. might not be much, but at least it's something.
donate to them.
to my fellow indonesian friends.

donasi KNRP Pusat

BSM 701.836.2133
BCA 7600.325.099
a/n Komnas Untuk Rakyat Palestina

konfirmasi donasi ke (021)7812311

oh ya, i sort of ate at pizza e birra two days ago and tried the orea pizza or something i forgot the name of it but it has oreos on top of it so yea hahahahhahahha

uggggh, heaven felt so closeeeeee:(

so that's prob it.
hihihihi byeeee


love you nom! :P

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