Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our Fluffy Family Member, Django!

so Django's a family cat.
we actually have three. there's django, beri, and mala. of course, we all have our favorite little buddy.
and i bet you guys have already guessed. 
yep. it's django. so whyyyyy? what's so special abt him?
well. first, here's a picture of him. 

i know. he is, in fact, super fat and fluffy. he weighs pretty much for a cat.
i don't know how he got so fluffy but hey we like him better that way.
so here's a fact, HE WASN'T that fat when we first adopted him. he was....okay.

because i have nothing else better to do, i actually took some photos with him! :P
oh ya and i just bought the bow tie he's wearing. he's the cutest.
sout of all the photos i took, here's one :P

please do ignore my napsupengenremes face. merci.

i dont really have that much to say about django but if i had to describe this buddy in one word i'd choose............procrastination. why. bcs he's fucking lazy, that's why. and only lazy motherfuckers procrastinate. (I AM INCLUDED.) HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE jk. the truth is, what i said is true....just minus the motherfuckers.

ohya. i miss you nom. can you please stop being an asshole and do something about your attitude bcs i miss you like crazy and it seems like you're too dumb to actually notice that.

and honey, you are an exquisite driver. i believe in your god-gifted skills. but, i am very very sorry to say that almost every time you drive, i almost shed a fucking tear. do you know how scary it is for me? :( now stop driving like a fucking drunk maniac because i'm scared and you love me that's why you gotta start driving normally......unless you're not with me then that's fine. 

okay that's prob all. 
maaf malam ini isinya ngomong sendiri. doei.


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