Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Once again, procrastinating.

ooooh god. i should be doing my assignments right now :( i still have lots to do.
but the routines i do are so boring so i decided to blog he he. because my blog's my boredom killer.

so. i did a d.i.y or whatever you call it, today, right before i head to binus. it all started with buying new head chargers because i got old with the white one but because of course, they're fake (apple only sells the white ones) they always stopped working. i don't know why but they just do.

sooooooo......yesterday i bought two super cute washi-tapes (i hope you guys know what they are. if you guys don't, don't worry, i'm going to post a pic of it later.)
i didn't plan on "changing" the look of my head charger with them but they just look sooo good together and it was just hard to resist on not buying both :( so bought them, of course. and did this.


ohya, besides the washi-tapes, i bought something else. but i sorta bought this one at binus. (you may not know where you find super cute treasures!!!)

mini vader!!! aaaand, it's a flash disc! hihihi yipee!

and it's 32gb!

i don't really have anything much to say today, but there's one more thing.
some of my friends have been asking me about what camera i use to take my pics, and how does it end up the way it is. and i don't know if you guys are wondering the same thing, but incase you are, here's how i got them.

so, i use a canon 600D (you guys can google it). the reason i choose this camera is because you can tilt the screen and makes it easier for people to take selfies with it! :P
aaaand, because i'm a visual communication design student, i have a photography class, and i now use the manual mode. i like my pics better "over-exposured" well they're not really over-exposured bcs i kinda make them look like that on purpose. i usually make them on the scale one. so they look really bright. and of course i re-edit them. sometimes i do it on photoshop but because i like editing with my phone better, i usually edit them with vscocam/afterlight.
what i do is, i sometimes adds the brightness (but if my photos are bright enough, i don't) aaaand adds fade. 
i don't really use filters but then i do, i usually use the filter 06 (for selfies) and M4 (for some of my pics but i rarely use filters hehe)
so that's how i get my pics! :D ohya if i have a lot colors on the picture i some times adds the saturation to make the colors stand out a little bit more. hehe. so that's it! that's how you get my kind of pics! i hope the instructions aren't so confusing. 
i'll see you on my next post, then!

thaniya rizki davia!

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