Friday, September 27, 2013

What I've been Up To.

Hi, i was hoping to post something cheery today davia's ill. very ill. i had to skip college today because i kinda threw up three times yesterday. it. was. terrible!!
the doctor said i was probably exhausted. yep. i probably am.
so i got accepted at HIMDKV! (seksi acara) YIPEE! :D not everyone got accepted so i kinda deserve a pat on the back for this one he he he. they first asked me to create a creative i did. wasn't so satisfied about the result. but did my best anyway. so here's my creative cv....BADUMM TSSSS....

please don't mind my fugly face. trying to look natural.
aaaannndddd i was scheduled for an interview a couple of days after. 
got accepted a few days after that hihihihihi
i have been working on Bunga's seventeen birthday party banner! she promised to invite me as a VIP guest so i said yes! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA:P here's how the banner turned out to be like...

i am feeling a lot better today, i'm super happy that i'm able to tend class tomorrow :D because tomorrow's drawing class and i'm very excited about it yay! ohya i kinda made a video today. i guess i got a little too bored....

oh ya. i went to pim on tuesday and watched insidious chapt. 2 (for the second time) but this time, i watched it with my college friends. yayyy. 
i went there with Tasya <3, Tisha <3, Ory <3, Aldi, Fiqar, Andy, Immanuel, Davin, Bagus, Irfan...annnddd i think thats it. we took this super cheesy photo at a super cheesy photo booth in fun world lol :))

it was super fuuuunnnn! 
maybe that's it. i'm not really up to doing anything lately but i am going to meet my high school babies on sundaaayyy!! can't waaaiiiit :* i miss them so much. although i don't really miss cibubur ;( hehehehehehehehehe the traffic's cuhrazzzyy over there.
peace love and gawl, okay? buhbye.


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