Tuesday, September 3, 2013


so lol ok what's inaugurasi? in indonesian it's peresmian mahasiswa baru. but in english it's that thingy you attend to officially become a college student.
today, was the inaugurasi of binusian 2017. it was held in Jakart Convention Center (JCC). here's how it looked like there.

the place was awesome that me and my friends kept on joking, sayin "peresmian maba lo di aula kampus? gua di jcc. gregedh." 
so it's basically about wearing our binusian almamater and shit and after that there were some performanceeee! one of them is my fella Daniel! he sang two songs. dia & pelangi di bola matamu. preferred his second performance. no actually i loved his second performance. i'll talk a little more about him after ok.
and another performance that caught my heart was from a dancing club in binus. they call themselves stamanara (seni tari bina nusantara) they.were.unreal.
the others were okay hehe
so after the inaugurasi thingy, me and friends decided to take picsssss eventhough we starved during the whole inaugurasi and needed food.

{tisha, moi, ory & nadya}

the guy on my left is Daniel (the one who sang) and the one on my right is Aldi.

me and Daniel kind of had dinner together afterwards. there were people from our college at the same time and place and the kind of stared because Daniel was awesome on stage! he has that super nice voice. hehehehe. so make sure you guys check his youtube channel outttt!!! i guarantee (well...not really) that it'll make you smile. :D his youtube channel is Daniel Jee. so here's some pics i took with daniel at burger king. look at our happy full faces. yayayayaayy.

it's sad that tasya is in japan :( so she couldn't come.
and it's also sad that i didn't get to meet my fav girls from tkh </3 sorta heart breaking. i miss them so much :-(
well. that's probably all. it's getting a little too late.
sleep tight everyone!


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