Monday, October 28, 2013

Kampus, Ngampus, Mampus.

Woilah, Astaghfirullahaladzim, Subhanallah.
Uni. Uni. Uni.
do you know how hard it is to go through uni life )= still in my first semester, but i'm already dying. lol okay LEBAAAAYYY DAAAAAVVVV.
i have this two "awesome" lecturer. first, my western art history lecturer. he likes to question life. dia salah jurusan. seharusnya filsafat :( nyasar di dkv. #patah #hati
yesterday, he talked about the battle between theist vs. atheist and we were all like "wtf does this thing got to do with the fucking subject you lovely huggable prick." <- trying to sound nice.
weeks before that, this was what he said "kita berada di dalam dunia atau dunia berada di dalam fikiran kita? ya, pertanyaan itu takkan terjawab." uhhh okay. pretty confusing. but we love him? why? because he's less boring. he doesn't make me sleepy. AT ALL. he's awesomeeeee :D
my second awsum lecturer award goes to my drawing teacher. he taught us about this 1.618 thingy. AAANNNDDD he likes to give us mind-blowing facts. PLUSSSSS he likes to bring math into the subject HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHASSHOLE:'( but we love him because he's SOOOO GOOD at drawing lines and shit it makes us drool. and he has a great teaching method. well, inti dari lesson dia kmrn sih hidup = 1.618, if you wanna know, google it.
so. i don't have a third award so yeah. here are some pics of me and moi lovelies in class.




(davin,davia. double dav!)

(walaupun salah fokus, tetep cakep yea.)




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