Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Save Gaza! ☮

i've been reading a couple of news and seeing a couple of pictures about Gaza lately.
well. not so happy about it. in fact i am angry, mad, pissed off, ballistic, furious, outraged and sad about it. do you know what Shimon Peres said? THIS.
"We don't escalate at all. What Israel is doing is self-defence. We don't have any purpose to conquer Gaza." well listen up, peres. murdering an eleven month old is not self defense. call it whatever the fuck you please but it is not defense. 
does he even know how sad it is seeing little kids losing their parents? or parents losing their kids? tell me ONE thing they did wrong to israelis and i'll delete this post immediately ok? tell me. do they deserve all this? DO THEY? :(
now i know that monsters are real. they're all actually human. :)
so much for world peace and humanity. does humanity even exist anymore? psh. humanity my ass.
i just wish israelis would start acting more human and let real monsters do their job. because it's not yours. :)


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