Saturday, November 3, 2012

so...its been quite some time eh?
here i am. out of things to write. eating tempe goreng in front of a goddamn electric fan so that my hair would dry faster. my hairdryer's fucked. it turns on and off whenever it wants to. it usually turns off when i want to dry my hair so why waste my time and actually try to make that thing turn on when i can just sit nicely in front of an electric fan and blog. :)
ohya happy birthday to om rudi a.k.a ricky's dad a.k.a my future father in law! (yea right i wish ahahahah)
so you guys have missed a lot of fun things! i went to dufan two days ago! hihi it was fun :'D but a pain in the cheek because i banged my head right and left while riding halilintar hihi it wasnt scary at all though i laughed during the whole ride! last night my friends came over to watch Manchester United v Arsenal haha Arsenal lost. felt very sad until we started to play tepok nyamuk (cards).
i recently watched skyfall! it was awesome :--) i'd say its a nine out of ten but again that depends on your taste of movies he he. not to mention the cool soundtrack by adele! also a must download! :D very nice!
god i'm so out of things to write that its getting funny-_-.
i should get going. loljk i'm not going anywhere. i should get some breakfast! hihi


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