Wednesday, November 14, 2012


out of all the colours i could write as a blog title...why purple?
because purple is made out of blue and red. which describes how i am feeling right now. about dreams.
i don't get how a year pass by so fast. faster than a minute. did i lost count or something? because a minute can feel so long yet a year always feels a little too short.
the memories. the laughters. the tears. all of them. the good i did....and the bad.

i don't really depend on friends anymore. because one short year have taught me that they (always) come and go. i think i should believe in myself a little more. i should start realizing that i am no longer a kid and will grow older by days. so...

sometimes i wish i could just. care. less. i tried. sadly i always end up failing. and starting all over again.
why would i want to care less? because caring less mean less fights and less fights mean less tears. but all of the above does not make me love you any less, ky. not a even a little bit. it keeps on growing. i'm not sure my heart will be able to hold them anymore.

dreams. pft. dreams. reality destroyers.
i am not even sure they really come true anymore. maybe they do. but only for lucky people and i am not sure that i am one of them he he. i shall stick with reality then.

it's funny how desperate i sound right now. i forgot when it all started to be bearable. all of them. being sad being mad being wrong and all the shit i used to regret and don't anymore.
i think i'm happier like this. or at least should be.
maybe that's the end of my short, boring post today. i will write sooner. and sound happier.
thank you for reading. much love :)


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