Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday, boring thursday..

Dear unknown readers out there,
i had a super boring day today. and i am willing to share this boredom with those who are willing to accept it. and even though i'm pretty sure that nobody wants to feel bored, i am sharing it anyway. via this blog post. he he.
nothing fun even happened at school today. my ex-best guy friend is acting like a little bitch and i hate him for that. it's funny how pathetic he is right now. i don't even feel like sitting in front of him anymore. but i can't move seat because the only person i'd like to sit with is empang :( and i know for sure that mpang
so two of my girls broke up today. hm. 
took a two hour nap and woke up feeling like superman so decided to open blogspot right away! woop :D missing all these blogging energy hihihihihihihi
mid-term is coming. my only wish right now would be "not hitting my head on the table while looking at the question sheets".
oh ya i also ate nasi padang twice today. the first one i ate with ma, the second one with bee. hwaaa :| i feel like a pregnant horse right now :( so fat.
i have a bonus for all of you hihihihihihihi i just created my list of recommended songs of the month! to cheer your october up! :) here's the list; (p.s. not all of them are new. i just put my fave songs there hihi)

In My Life is an "all time" song if you get what i mean..:) i guarantee (although not to everyone. just those with good taste of music) that the song will never, ever ever bore you. hihi :)
that's it for todaaaaay! :) thank you for being the best site to share shit.
i could not imagine what i'll be doing right now without you, bloggy! #muchlove.


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