Friday, October 5, 2012

Rainy Days

why does it have to rain all day in october :( ugh. why can't october be a sunny and happy month?!
now that me ma and pa are no longer having tea while the sky's wetting the ground. i no longer find it pleasing! i hate wet days. i haaaate not having to do shit outside.
hihihihihihihihihi btw its almost my birthday :( not so excited about it. i...don't know. its just hilarious when people throw super big parties to celebrate their 17th birthday and says "it only happens once" well. doesn't that apply to each birthday? your 1st birthday only happens once as well. and the money! God! how much did you guys spenddddd-_- just to treat those who are capable of buying their own food! there are people who lives IN the street. hungry! not having anything to eat for tomorrow.
well i guess some people are just waaay to rich to give a fuck eh?

i have nothing more interesting to say. i should probably get going.
i hope the sun shines and its a beautiful day tomorrow...:) ☀
heheheheeheheheehehe enjoy the rest of your day! have some tea and feel good! ♥


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