Saturday, September 15, 2012

D's back!

Oooohhh my its so great to be blogging again hehe jsyk, i'm blogging via iPad right now because my modem hasn't been on for months :( and its not even mine so hehe i hope i get my own laptop soon! :)
Hmmmmmm today i went home with nomnom and ate ice cream at top buah segar hehehe we're happy. I don't even know why i'm telling you this i am so out of stories and shit :/ haaaaaaaaaa.........
Its been busy lately with all the twelve grader stuff. You know like boring myself to death-_- with all the crap i have no idea what for.
Hmmmmmm my classmates are still very amazing as always hehe so i'm going to share some pics of me and themmmmm!
I honestly don't know whats with us but its like all of the national exam hasnt been in our heads. All we think about is uno and having fun hehe which is good and very bad at the same time. Enouh for today's post then. Oia. Follow my instagram! trdavia ;) thaaaaank youuuuu

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