Monday, July 30, 2012

Once Upon A Dream

dav, what's up with the dreamy post title?
well, hehe i've been thinking about the future lately. and it makes me feel extremely untalented and shit. you know, when you see people and you think like wow. how can they have a talent so big, that when you're with them, you suddenly feel like a smurf. a blue one. brrrrr.
i have been very interested in fashion design in a couple of years :) yesterday. i finally had the courage to actually put all of that will into a paper and learn how to sketch.
here are the results.

sketch #1

sketch #2

sketch #3

sketch #4

i only made four. and none of them are that good. but it only took me about fifteen minutes to learn how to actually do a fashion sketch. i think people should at least give me credits for that :) after all, i'm still a newbie. hehehehehehehe
maybe that's all i wanted to share. maybe there are still more. but i'll finish this post here.


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