Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Pills ☮

hiiii it's been quite some time!
so i went to living world and saw this brand new store called sticky. i didn't bring my camera so i couldn't take pictures of the store :( well the store was gawwwwjusssssss.
anyways the store sell candies (only). ummm lollipop type of candies, to be exact. candy canes, lollis (certainly not anang hermansyah's daughter lolli.) and stuff hehehe. so i bought myself a treat! :) my long lost happy pills......ah :') me love sweets.

it literally hurts seeing them. hahahhahaha jk. i'm pretty okay with it.
hehehehehehehehe ok this is awkward. sorry that i haven't got the time to blog lately. i'm not even sure that people are reading my blog-_- nevermind.
Ramadan Kareem, everyone!!! have a great ramadan & eid ul-fitr ahead! much love, x.


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