Sunday, September 30, 2012


Cheers to the best month! October! God Bless all the people born in October hihihihihi mwa

Hehehehehehehehe so happy its going to be october soon. I'm not happy about the fact that I'm turning seventeen in october. its just that every october has always been special. and i hope this october, i get to spend most of my days with ricky :) hihi
Its funny how i get angry so easily. but its even funnier that THATS what makes me know that I cannot love anyone else but him. Cause i dont give a fuck when people dont text me. when people dont have time for me and shit. its just that ricky....he's special.
We might fight a lot but believe me its all worth it nom :') ohya im so in loooove with this pic of me and nomnom i just took todaaaaay!

HWAAAA >_< aren't we just made for each other?!?!
I AM SO OUT OF THINGS TO WRITE. But whatever Ricky will Always always be my favorite topic and you guys would just have to deal with that because he's just so funny and cute and charming :''''''') I guarantee you will LOVE HIM. i mean who doesn't. i do. a lot. more than anyone could ever love him. probably more than that lucky girl who's going to take my place one day he he :")
HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH FUCK NO. me and ricky are going to stick together. 
until death do us part.


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