Friday, April 25, 2014

Hi. it's been so long! i miss blogging.
i should be doing my graphic computer assignment for my mid term but that stupid chitato vector fuck can kiss my ass.
so, i've been up to a lot of thing lately. i actually did a video for my english assignment and had it posted on youtube. go check it out and tell me what you think.
here's the link to the video :
so.....i'm in my sec semester now. wasn't so satisfied on my first semester GPA (Grade Point Average) or what we so call IP these days. i got 3.3 my ma and pa thinks it's okay so yea i got that going okay for me but still :( i'm pretty sad that i didn't get to 3.5 </3 pretty much heart-breaking really but i am thankful.
ricky's okay. we're okay.

a couple of dayyysss ago or a week or so i went out with ghina rona and nia oh boy how much i mss them!!!!

on that exact same day, ricky actually stopped by pim to give me thissss!!!

(+ a sweater)

i'm not really a flower type of girl but it really made my day so thank you, love.

oh ya i have a new food recommendation. it's a cake, actually. you can find it at breadlife (although not all store have them. i bought this at the one in living world.) here. the cake's called le royale, if i'm not mistaken. it will cost you 30.000 rupiah. i can promise you if it costed more than that, it would still be worth it. here's the pic of the cake!

it might not look like much but trussssttt me on this one. a bite will keep you coming back for more.

so i don't really have anything else to say. i'm mostly active on instagram so you can find me there. (trdavia) thank you!!


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