Wednesday, April 30, 2014


so like. mid-term's almost overrrrr and i caught a fucking cold watching the amazing spider-man 2. yipee. joy oh joy oh joy oh joyyy oh joy *plays boy oh boy by Diplo*
i look quiet terrible. here's how to describe it. i look like angelina jolie while having her boobs removed. *sigh*

not only that i look like shit. i ALSO, feel like shit. literally. actually no. not THAT literally.

typography was a disaster today although i managed to finish quiet fast he he he..
all these zits or pimples or whatever you call them are starting to showwwwww omg i don't know how to get rid of them they always show up every time i am going through an exam or so.
oh ya. by the way. i have a thought that binus is actually trying to create an army of human-robots by brainwashing their students with this character building fuck. i have noooo idea why they HAVE A SPECIAL SUBJECT, to teach us, how to fucking act, in fucking public.
i am sorry for using a little too much f word. it's because of the cold. trust me.

so yeah. before me nom bya kak tiffy ma and pa went to watch spidey at exactly 22:00 today, ricky picked me up at college and i told him that i was in the mood to go on a photobox or booth or whatever. at first i recommended we go to lw but then i changed my mind as soon as we got to lw. like, seriously. even ricky has parked.
i wanted to try the one at mall @ alam sutera (maas) (ohya, lw is Living World). sooooo, we went to maas insetad. and ended up at a fucking sit hole bcs the photobooth was shit.
here's hpw the photos turned out :))
the camera was so close and nom's head's so big (...okay mine also) THAT IT WAS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD. or at least, you know, normal.

i looked cute as always though he he. HA. 

we should do it at lw instead next week, okay, love?

WEEEE also ate sate padang boy how it tasted SOOO GOOD.

ohya, because i have given some food recommendations lately. i have a new one. well. i've eaten this for quiet a long time i just haven't posted this one yet. you guys know roppan rightttt? so yep there you go. my favorite place to eat ramen! although it's not really a "ramen place" but to me they have THE BEST RAMEN. uh huh. yep. spicy beef ramen something i think.

i have nothing else to say, really. it's 01:35 right now. i probably should get going.
see you all!


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