Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I can't believe i'm saying this but....I AM BLOGGING FROM MY PHONE AGAAAAIIIINNNN!
Why dav? Why are you happy about it?
Um good question.
Lol no. I'm happy because my phone's finally back! It's been at the service place for over a month and all i had was my blackberry. Which was no fun at all. Except the fact that o could chat with yodi. He's nice! He makes everything laughable hihi
So hihihi i am so glad that you're home my oh dear sweet lovely phone. I know you kinda suck sometimes. Hehe just kiddin'. It's not hard to be in love with iPhone 5, that's why a lot people do (ceritanya ngutip dari website-nya apple. Intinya gitulah)
I've been quite busy lately. So it's hard for me to actually find the time to sit nicely and blog. Not to mention i still don't have wifi at home. I keep forgetting to remind mom to take care of it. I need wifi:( like asap! So it's like ba'da subuh and i haven't slept. I really need to get some sleep. Today's the last day of fasting btw. So just in case i won't be able to post in time, eid mubarak everyone! Ciao!


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